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Walking to Florida


We are on spring break this week and must stay close to home because my daughter is in a play with several matinee shows. Last night I took the kids to the mall which they loved. My kids have funny names for things. An activity like this is called “three of us fun time”. When we go to the mall it entails food court, bookstore, cafe, and good conversation in the car to and fro.

On this particular trip we got to talking about how long it takes to drive to (my parents house in) Florida. Continue reading

Earth Day Books for Kids

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Earth Day Books for Kids

I am squeezing this mini Earth Day book list in under the wire. We should celebrate Earth Day every day. So feel free to read these tomorrow or any other day of the year!

  • The first one is 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World written and illustrated by Melanie Walsh. Each page shares something you can do or habit you can chance that will impact the environment in a positive way. I love the simple graphic art and fun die-cut pages!
  • Next is The Earth and I written and illustrated by Frank Asch. This book is about a boy and his relationship to the earth. The calm story and blended watercolor illustrations will renew your love for the earth!
  • My last pick is Big Bear Hug written and illustrated Nicholas Oldland. This book is about a bear who loves trees. Guess what happens when he happens upon someone cutting down a tree! This book is both a little funny and pleasantly optimistic.

I hope you are having a great Earth Day. We are having great weather. Bye for now, I’m going outside!

Health Update

sunny wave

Photo from my Instagram feed, let’s connect! 

I thought it would be a good time to post a health update. About a year and a half ago I started developing scary symptoms. They include but have not been limited to left side and facial weakness, reduced coordination, postural tremor, twitching, stiffness, pins and needles, muscle burn, and numbness. Over time some things have become difficult to do like brushing my daughter’s hair and washing dishes. I also feel like my son might knock me over when he comes running towards me. Over the last year and a half I have done extensive research, seen several doctors, and had many test. It has been scary at times, frustrating, and character building.  Continue reading

Fish That Run and Jump

Fish That Jump

I’ve been meaning to check out the herring run ever since I read THE RUN by John Hay a few years ago and I finally remembered to do it this spring!

Alewife are a type of herring here on Cape Cod that live in the ocean and swim up streams in the spring to spawn in fresh water ponds. Seems like an ideal life for a fish! They enjoy all the excitement of ocean life but spend there childhood in calm ponds. This lifestyle is not easily achieved though.  Continue reading

Trumpet Trees

I Spy Trumpet Trees

When we go on long drives I become entranced by the trees along the highway. I especially like to watch them in unpopulated areas and mark time as a forest of pines changes into a forest of oaks and back again. I am also amazed at the uniformity of these prestine woods. On a recent drive to Western Massachusetts I notices how the oaks looked like perfectly positioned horns in an orchestra. In my trance I think I could even hear them.

Mini Tote Crochet Pattern

mini tote crochet pattern

Here’s a little purse you can make in the time it takes to watch a movie. It is a perfect handmade gift for a little girl about to make her first communion but you could make it in any color for any occasion.

The final dimensions are 6 X 6 inches. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in Tinsel White and an 8 mm crochet hook.  Continue reading

Robins, Worms, and Fog

robins, worms, n fog

The worms came out for the fog and the robins came out for the worms in today’s I Spy!

My son and I watched these robins get big juice worm after big juice worm outside the library the other night as we ate our supper in the car while my daughter was at rehearsal. I am sure they had tummy aches after so many worms! “Eats like a bird” just doesn’t have the same meaning after seeing that.

Have you been noticing springtime bird activities? Please share!

Piping Plover

Piping Plover Photo

We went to the beach on Sunday looking for Snowy Owls but we didn’t see any. They probably have already migrated north although I don’t know why, we have plenty of arctic air right here on Cape Cod! So we didn’t see any Snowy Owls but we did see an itty bitty Piping Plover! It was so tiny and blended in so well if it hadn’t been moving I wouldn’t have seen it at all. It is one of the protected species around here and I had never seen one before so I was pretty excited! It was hard to get good shots. She kept his distance and moved along the shore line really, really fast. She sure is cute though, don’t you think?!

Here is an alphabet book of endangered animals and sadly the Piping Plover is included. Very nice book though (check it out at Amazon by clicking on image)…

GONE WILD written and illustrated by David McLimans

Spring Picks

spring picture book picks

Spring Picture Books Picks

Here’s a handful of picture books I am recommending for spring. They are all connected to spring but in not in perfectly obvious ways. They also happen to all be by author/illustrators!

DINOSAUR KISSES by David Ezra Stein begins with a dinosaur egg hatching. Dinosaurs learn by mimicking just like humans although learning to kiss comes a little harder for a dinosaurs. Yikes!

MAPLE by Lori Nichols is about a little girl with a special connection to a tree. The tree was planted for her birth. On spring day she sees a new tree planted beside her tree. This is a beautiful story about life connected to nature.

Next is the classic LET’S MAKE RABBITS by Leo Lionni. It is nice to read books about bunnies this time of year and this one is a little different. One rabbit is made with pencil and the other with cut paper right in the book. Then they come to life and are hungry for carrots. Maybe it will inspire some spring art making!

April is National Kite Month so April must be a windy month. Windy enough for WINDBLOWN by Eduard Manceau! In this cumulative story some cutout paper shapes are claimed by a series of animals then finally the wind who blows them to you! What will you make?

And finally is TWO LITTLE BIRDS by Mary Newell DePalma (who also wrote and illustrated A GRAND OLD TREE which I included in this tree book list). In this story a couple young birds decide to follow a group of birds in flight. After a long journey their surrounds are very different. They have migrated south and in the spring they return to their home again. This story made me feel like a young bird!

Have a favorite book with a spring connection? Please share!