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Don’t Fence Me In

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DIY Fence for Toy Animals

I don’t like to be fenced in but I have to fence in my animal figures, right?! I don’t want them running off down to the play road or over to the neighbor’s toy farm! Since I don’t have a fence for them I decide to make one with craft sticks. I used regular-size craft sticks and half-size craft sticks. If you want to make a fence too and didn’t have the half size sticks you could make a taller fence or cut some full size ones in half with a utility knife.

DIY Toy Fence

Phew! Now my animals are safe and sound behind their new fence. I made my fences with three hinging sections. To make a fence with three sections you will need Continue reading

Challenges, Plans, and Happiness

I am really not planning on making Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease the focus of this blog. I think I will occasionally write about it in order to raise awareness since it is pretty rare and also because I think my readers would relate to the challenge of it. All families have challenges. Challenges are things that are not in our plan. They demand attention, accommodation, and may even change our plans but they don’t have to define us. I used to think they were things that caused unhappiness but I have come to realize that challenges and happiness have very little to do with each other. And that is the challenge!

animated gif of rotating gear

What Parkinson’s Disease Feels like for Me

When I first started having my symptoms I was very scared it was something really bad. I never in a million years would have thought they were the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Continue reading

Scissor School

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How to Cut with Scissors like a Pro

You can find a lot of printables on my site and many of these printables require cutting so I though it would be good to focus on this skill. I don’t want to brag or anything but I am kind of an awesome cutter. My professional cutting tool of choice is an X-acto knife because you can achieve greater control but X-acto knives are NOT for kids and you can still achieve a great result with scissors which are much safer!

Scissor School

Here’s how…

First of all you want to start with a sharp scissors. Continue reading

Printable Rainbows and Lighting

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase through my links I get a small commission at no additional cost to you (thanks for supporting Doodles and Jots). 

Café Press is a very cool concept. You create the artwork and they do everything else involved in producing that artwork on a wide assortment of products from clothing, to paper goods to household items. You can even turn it into a business and they will take care of the selling. Last year I got all excited about the possibilities, set up a shop, added one design, then quickly forgot about it. I probably forgot about it because the sales didn’t start pouring it. Since I’m not working I decided to give it another chance. I am starting with the fun part of populating my shop with new and exciting designs! There are other things I have to work on too like marketing and keywords. I don’t know why I find tags/keywords so hard! The other hard part is that the setup is a little complicated so there is a lot of trial and error for me. The good news is I am making progress. I brainstormed a bunch of ideas the other day and yesterday upload two new designs. I think you can get these images on any product but I have featured them on eco-friendly products like t-shirts, bags, and water bottles in my shop. Café Press is not inexpensive so I am also sharing my designs here as free printable transfers!

Free Printable Sky Transfers

I love looking up, literally and figuratively! Every once in a while you really see something neat. Continue reading

Printable Protractor

I can never find a protractor. I am sure we have at least one in the house but it is never there when I need it. And if you are like me, you are always wanting to find out the angle of something! Protractors are really like reading glasses, you should have at least one in every room. Now thanks to Doodles and Jots you can live that dream without breaking the bank.

printable protractor

Today I am sharing a printable protractor. Click on the image above to open the PDF printable. Print on translucent vellum or acetate for best results but card stock or regular printer paper will work too especially if you print it in multiple sizes. You can do that by changing the scale when printing (something you couldn’t do with length measurements). This should provide hours of measuring fun for you and your kids. Enjoy!

For lots more math fun check this really cool book from Usborne!

Other printables in this series:

Where Walking Will Really Take You

Everyone knows that walking is good for you. It’s good for your heart. It’s good for your bones. It is the best natural source of vitamin D. It’s easy to stick to, low impact, and it has a low risk of injury. It’s free and requires virtually no specialized equipment. It’s good for your mood, can help you lose weight, and it even has a therapeutic effect on lots of chronic illnesses including Parkinson’s Disease. You can even use the time to do other things like listen to music, catch up with a friend, brainstorm or work out a problem, or even write a blog post with voice recognition.


Having trouble getting your little kids to nap? Put them in a stroller!

So walking has a lot of benefits that we all know about but what you might not know is that walking can transport you! Continue reading

Affordable Summer Enrichment

It’s not too late to plan an amazing summer for you and your kids! In previous years my kids have enjoyed half day camps at the natural history museum and a local theater but this summer, since I’m not working, we really can’t justify it. I did sign them up for swimming lessons because my Cape Cod mer-children would revolt without them (plus my mom generously offered to pay) but no camps. Even without summer camps I am confident my kids will have the best summer yet and so will I since I have the time to enjoy it with them!

Affordable Summer Enrichment

In this post I will share some of the ways I am planning the most amazing enriching summer for us on a budget.  Continue reading

Tidal Pool Coloring Page

When we go to the beach we love to explore the water’s edge especially when the tide is low and there are more things to see. I look for glistening shells and smooth rocks and the occasional piece of sea glass. My kids pick up crabs and try to catch minnows. It is always especially fun to find something a bit more rare. So to celebrate tide pool discoveries I created this coloring page. My kids are coloring it right now as I write! When I handed it to my son he patted me on the back and said, “Good job.” My kids are my biggest fans.

Click on the following image to open and print the PDF coloring page…

tidal pool coloring page

My daughter’s second grade class learned about tide pools and we went on a field trip to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. Continue reading

Backlit Bunny

If I take my walk late I risk the possibility of not fitting it in especially when my husband has to work. But when I go later it is cooler which is nice plus there’s a shift-change and the night-crew is beginning their day’s work (or would it be night’s work). This bunny I passed was nibbling his breakfast. The sun was low behind him and his ear was glowing pink.

backlit bunny ears

Those big bunny ears listen for predators so make sure to be nice and quiet when you see them! Continue reading

Bird Play


I saw the cutest thing this morning on my walk. There were several house sparrows playing in a chain link fence by the basketball courts I passed. They would fly into a space and appear to get stuck, wait a moment or two, then pop through and fly away. They kept doing it so I know they were playing a game. I don’t think I have ever seen birds doing something just for fun before. I wasn’t close enough to see if they were juvenile but I would like to think they were. It was nice to see!

Bird Play

What fun nature observations have you made lately? Please share!