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After finishing mending the pocket of a pair of thrift store work pants for my dad which have evidence of having been mended 2 previous times by either my mom or a sister it reminds me of how extremely frugal my dad has always been.

As a kid it was a running joke or source of embarrassment/complaint for my siblings and me.  But now with 2 small children and less than 2 full-time incomes, I find myself in need of some money saving ideas.

So here is a partial list including some of dad’s classics and some that I have developed.  All of which require minimal if any initial investment of time or money.  Most of these have the added benefit of being good for the environment, your time, your health, or at the very least will build your character!  So here is a list of some ideas for saving money, enjoy!

  1. Before buying something ask yourself, “can I make do with something I already have at home”
  2. Put a sleeve around your credit card that says: DON’T USE ME!!!
  3. Buy less gifts for yourself and others because it all turns into clutter eventually
  4. Haggle whenever possible especially on pricey items
  5. Join your local group online (great place to get and give needed free stuff)
  6. Consider mending or fixing household items instead of automatically replacing
  7. To raise cash try selling a few things of value on and
  8. Wear clothes more than once, saves on laundry and clothes will last longer
  9. Put on a sweater when your cold and an extra blanket on the bed
  10. Open the shades on sunny winter days and close them on sunny summer days
  11. Flush toilet less often
  12. Turn off the water while lathering in the shower
  13. Use kitchen towels and rags more and paper towels less
  14. Don’t assume a coupon will save you money try the store brand and compare unit prices
  15. When it comes to produce, if it goes bad in your fridge buy it frozen
  16. Take a week off from grocery shopping and get inventive with what is in your cabinets
  17. Bring snacks and drinks on outings to reduce the need to stop at convenience stores
  18. Form a dinner club with friends and family to have fun and save on eating out expense
  19. Make your coffee at home and try less expensive brands (many have darker roast offerings now)
  20. Drink more filtered tap water and less bottled beverages
  21. Get your hair cut less often and try embracing your natural color ; )
  22. Cut out the gym membership, walk, run, or do housework for exercise
  23. Get your books, DVD’s, music and even museum passes from the library
  24. Look in the paper for free entertainment
  25. For vacation, take day trips or visit family and friends and read a good book!


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  1. Just had to add a few more after sharing this post with my dad:

    26. Periodically renegotiate your cable bill and cell phone rate if possible
    27. Look for coupons beyond the obvious sources of newspaper, etc (for example the post office has Home Depot coupons in their change of address packets)
    28. Save one-sided scrap paper for shopping lists and scratch pads

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