My High-Five Diet

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I want to share an easy and practical diet that I developed to fit in with my busy life as a mom.  It is simple and easy to start, doesn’t cost anything and requires little planning and no journaling!  It really works!  My clothes aren’t as tight and the scale is trending down!

How it works

To lose weight you need to take in fewer calories than you will burn.  1500 calories a day works for me but you may need a little more or less depending on your size and activity level.

Getting started

I simply divide up the calories over the course of the day like this:  300 for breakfast, 400 for lunch, 100 for an afternoon snack, 500 for supper, and 200 for an evening snack.  You can start by looking up the approximate calories in many of the foods you like and eat frequently ( has an excellent searchable database of food, simple type in the food in the search bar and it will provide choices of cooking methods or types).  I do a lot of rounding off the calories to keep it simple and to avoid having to write anything down.   I also may measure the first time to get a sense of what the portion size looks like but after the first time I just estimate.  Just be careful you are rounding off the calories and estimating portions in good faith and not using it as a way to cheat.

5 things to include

Of course diets tend to be more successful if you are eating the RIGHT food so here are a handful of foods that you should be including:

  1. Fruits and vegetable including salad
  2. Beans really help fill you up
  3. Nuts are a satisfying snack
  4. Lean meats keep you full longer
  5. Whole grain breads and pastas

5 things to avoid

The following items can sabotage your diet and only you know if they can be included in moderation or if you must avoid entirely!

  1. Sugar and desserts
  2. White flour breads and pastas
  3. Bad fats
  4. Addictive snacks like chips
  5. High calorie drinks like specialty coffees and sodas

5 tips to achieve success

  1. Warm drinks like teas can help curb you appetite before, after, or between meals
  2. Make a special trip to the grocery store just for you at the beginning or anytime to keep from getting bored with your foods
  3. Going to bed early can help reduce hunger and help avoid a binge
  4. Stay busy to keep your mind off of food
  5. Feel good about yourself now don’t wait until you lose weight!

5 ways to stay moving

At this stage of my life a daily exercise routine doesn’t really work for me but I do try to include physical activity which helps burn those calories!  Here are some ideas on how to add exercise in your busy day.  You are also probably already doing some of these so give yourself some credit!

  1. Push the stroller to the park and back (if you have small children)
  2. If you need to run out to the store try walking there
  3. Straightening and clean your house
  4. Put on your favorite music and dance
  5. Go to the mall and walk around

Quick recap 

Give this plan a try!  Start by spacing you calorie totals for each meal (3,4,1,5,2), make sure to easy good foods and avoid bad, use the tips, and add more physical activity to you week.  It is simple and easy to impellent and should help you achieve diet success!


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