Kim Kardashian’s Brief Marriage

"Wedding Day Portrait" gouache on watercolor paper

I’m not a fan of her shows but I do think she is beautiful and more than occasionally watch the entertainment shows that come on after the news.  So along with the rest of main-stream Americans I know all about the lavish wedding and swift split AND I have an opinion about it!   Let me preface this by saying most of my opinions, since becoming a mother, are based on how I think it will affect my children.  My first reaction was disgust!  Does excess wealth eliminate the cultural necessity for commitment and the effort it entails?  Marriage is work.  The focus was on creating a beautiful day and spending/making money.  These are NOT values I want to teach my children.  But wait…

Here we are a few days later and my opinion is evolving.  Kim’s mother supports her.  Okay, maybe it’s for PR but maybe it is also because this is what mothers do.  We love our kids without condition even when they make BIG mistakes.  It is that simple.  If she was my daughter I might see how she could get caught up in the fairy-tale work of planning a wedding and like most girls really love the IDEA of being married.  And want to defend and protect her from the army of ridicule that comes with being a celebrity.

Practically speaking, the money will surely help ease the blow and help her move on but so will her family.


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  1. What a lovely water color!
    I think the Kardashians finally got a little slap in their faces. Listen, people make mistakes even BIG mistakes but the Kardashians live off of exploiting their lives and that is their choice! They thought Kim was so loved and they thought her fans would be understanding therefore they were shocked when the fans felt a little used and taken for a ride. I think you can’t ask people to ‘invest’ in you (emotionally) and then not understand how they feel a little betrayed when things look a little fishy. I mean a huge fairy tale wedding takes time and she waits until after it airs on television to divorce? Oh, well, maybe next time she won’t get so caught up in the wedding planning and she will pay more attention to the idea of marriage and the person she is marrying? Just my two cents about a silly reality celebrity LOL

  2. It’s a weird story isn’t it? It seems so geared towards publicity but maybe there is a real person in that who just got caught up in the whole reality tv star thing and rolled on with the wedding because it was expected of her.

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