Need a kid’s birthday party gift idea?

Hand Art Peacock (even cuter made with kid size hands)

Have you and your child been invited to a girls birthday party (between the ages of 4 & 6) and you are looking for a good gift idea?  If so I have a great recommendation!

Personally I have a $15 spending guideline for myself when buying birthday gifts that I really need to stick to in order to not blow our family budget (kids can get invited to a LOT of parties).  That being said I really want my gift to make a good impression, have lasting play value, and not just turn into plastic clutter in a few days.  That is a tall order for $15 these days!

So let me tell you about the Hand Art activity book from Klutz.

If you are not familiar with Klutz, they offer many fun high-quality spiral bound activity and craft books which usually have a vinyl pocket attached with supplies.  Hand Art, for ages 4 and up is part of their “Chicken Socks” line of activity books for the slightly younger crowd.  Each page shows how to position your hand in order to trace a unique animal. There is also a larger picture which shows an example of how to decorate it with color, googly eyes and pom-poms to bring it to life. The book comes with a supply of googly eyes and pom-poms along with a small tube of glue and crayons in the attached vinyl zip-closure bag.  My daughter and I have enjoyed making Hand Art together but it is also easy enough for her to do independently (A REAL BONUS – RIGHT MOMS?!!!).  She takes this book out again and again.  We have replaced the googly eyes and pom-poms too many times to count.

Get Hand Art for just under $10 and if you want to up the gift’s value a bit, you can consider including extra googly eyes and pom-poms all of which can be ordered from Amazon.

Additional kid’s birthday party ideas…

  • If you like this gift or another, buy a few of them and stick them in your closet for the next party (you know there will be one and it with save you time later!).
  • Save gift bags and reuse them or if you have to buy one add value to your gift by using a decorative REUSABLE bag (similar to reusable grocery bags) in Toys R Us stores for less money than other wrapping methods!
  • Lastly, have you child make their friend a card by hand or with an on-line card maker.  Crayola had a great website with many activities including a card-maker (see my post on Crayola).

I hope you like my recommendation and if you have other great kids birthday gift ideas under $15 please share them in a comments.



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  1. I LOVE the Klutz stuff for presents- my daughter did, too. I try to keep to the $15 budget, too. It’s actually not all that hard, especially when you think about all the gifts the kid will get. I always appreciate when my kid gets a smaller, more thoughtful gift as opposed to something giant or with a million pieces…

    • Thanks for the comment! I am forced to think ahead for gifts, my town is a shopping wasteland (are you familiar with Ocean State Job Lot? That’s about it, so sad)! BTW, you ALMOST look familiar but RISD is just big enough not to know everyone especially outside your major : )

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