The ants are back!

“Ant Trading Post” felt-tip pen on marker paper

It seems late in the season for ants and I’m not a messy person!  Although I have heard that if the previous inhabitants of your house were “good to the ants” they remember and keeping coming back (so I’m going with that).  I haven’t resorted to using poison in my yard yet but when they really start marching around my house I do spray around the foundation.  I think the problem is worse because the neighbors use poison so ALL the ants have come to live in my yard!

My kids love the ants like pets!  They put their faces to the floor to observe.  They pick them up and let them crawl all over them and giggle because it tickles.  I think they are interesting too but they also give me the creepy-crawlies especially when they are on my counter-tops!  When I vacuum them up I have to tell my kids that I am not killing them.  I tell them that they actually have a nice little cozy home inside the vacuum bag and plenty of crumbs to eat (might be true).  I too have been known to take a moment to observe their interesting behaviors.

I don’t know if you are familiar with the borax method of ant killing but if you put a drop of borax and sugar solution on a tab of cardboard the ants will feast and ideally bring it back to the queen and bye-bye ants.  BTW, this method worked on my counters a couple years ago but didn’t work this year when they came back.  I noticed if one of those big ant was on the tab then the little ants would be nowhere in sight.  One time though I did see a battle between a big ant and a little one.  They skirmished 2 or 3 times until finally the big ant was victorious, the little ant looked crumbled, and the big ant got the borax all to himself – lucky guy!  I also notice the ants have 2 (that I have noticed) little “trading-posts” in my house both near cracks in the floorboards (probably where they can hide out) where they leave crumbs.  It’s so strange!  When I first noticed them I thought, how did that neat little arrangement of crumbs get there?  I vacuum but the ants keep bringing the crumbs back to the same spots.

I think ants are definitely interesting.  I just don’t want them in my house!

Check out these 2 video links to learn just how fascinating ants can be!


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  1. I’m fine with them too …in the yard. When my home construction was done, I had a huge line of ants coming in from the front door, across the living room to the kitchen. I did spray the line (felt bad though) and then put out contact. So far so good.

    I also had garden grass roaches which usually don’t come inside. It’s as if nature was still trying to live in the same spot but my home had taken over :-( Thanks for the borax tip!

  2. We have been bombarded by the flying variety in both of the places we have lived. (Both places are within short distance of each other, so that might have something to do with it. I feel like the normal, little ants suck, but the flying ones freak me out now. Good luck!

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