Appeasing Impatience

Abstract with foam blocks (complete with bite-marks)

How to appease your impatient mid December children  

If your children are like mine they are starting to get unbearably impatient for Christmas especially my 3 ½ year old son who keeps asking if it’s Christmas yet.  When I tell him not yet he cries real tears!

My solution?  I discovered this by accident and it’s brilliant!  The kids came down to the basement with me to get the holiday decorations and they discovered a bunch of old toys.  I know this will create more work later (when I have to pack them away again) but they are having a BLAST rediscovering those old things!  Even toys that they have grown out of are full of nostalgic fun for them.  You are probably thinking, that’s crazy I am trying to get RID of some toys to make room for all the new ones coming.  Well, do that too!  Pack up things they are not playing with (when they are not around of course) but by bringing toys from storage back into the mix you will help tide them over and maybe even (now this is lofty) be happy with a shorter list for Santa…


  1. Love this… they are shopping in their own basement. Life lesson as well :-)

    It actually sounds lovely to this childless gal to have a house full of Christmas anticipation.

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