Christmas Carols Booklet

Caroler (felt-tip pen on marker paper)

I think it’s kind of funny when you start out strong singing a Christmas song then as you realize you only know the first couple lines, start mumbling to the tune and then follow it up with loud chorus singing.  Even with many of the classics I really only know the first and maybe second stanzas.

Christmas music gets me into the holiday spirit!  One of my favorite activities is to light a pine scented candle (a necessity with an artificial tree) and listen to Christmas music while arranging holiday decorations, wrapping gifts, or any other holiday prep activity.

I also like to sing with my kids in the car or before bed.  We’ve got Rudolph and Jingle Bells down and are in the process of adding a few more to our repertoire.  To that end, I have created a Christmas carols booklet or cheat-sheet that I am sharing with you today!  I hope you like my picks, enjoy!

To download/print-out the PFD pocket-mod Christmas Carols Booklet click on this link: Christmas Carols

Pocket-mod Instructions


  1. You are so talented! But you know that already, on the other hand, my mother does that with us too. We sing around in the car, loud and clear at first, then a mumble of different stanzas tied into one, then finish with a strong chorus. Oh well, it’s the spirit that counts … right?

  2. What a great idea for a party or even to stuff in a stocking! We get caroled at my office every year by one of the local airlines. They have beautiful voices and sing loud and strong. I’m always so impressed they can remember the words.

    I really dig Pandora and Slacker radio now, they always have great holiday stations, many songs I’ve forgotten about. Right now, listening to Tony Desare’s The Christmas Song.

    • Thanks Tania! I have a nifty little picture in my mind of flight attendants caroling! Good idea about Pandora – thanks!

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