High-wire Birds

High-wire Birds

I saw these birds one my way back home from drop-off this morning.  It is such an interesting sight to see so many birds lined up, balancing on the power-lines.  I’m not sure what kind of birds they are, maybe pigeons or doves, but for season’s sake let’s call them partridges.  According to eHow birds that congregate on power lines like to perch and flock plus it’s a safety in numbers thing.  They seem to do it in the cold months more so they are probably also getting a warm-up!


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    • If they are not in their winter spot they better get movin’, it’s cold! I’m on the Cape and I did pull over, not a lot of traffic in my neighborhood, in fact it is the same general area I see turkeys all the time! Thanks!

  1. I love it, Ann. I see birds like that almost every morning. My mom and both have birdseeders and baths in our yards, and birdwatching is a great source of entertainment.

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