Stockings Hung with Care

Christmas Stockings (felt-tip pen on marker-paper; rendered in Gimp)

When I was a kid, stockings were my favorite part of Christmas morning; which is why it is so ironic that I despise them now that I am a parent.  Well maybe that is a little too strong.  I don’t despise them.  I like how they look hanging up near the chimney.  I enjoy watching my children pull small gifts out with so much anticipation.  I just don’t like shopping for them and filling them.  

First of all the shopping…  I don’t want to fill them with a bunch of useless plastic junk or candy (I have enough trouble already getting my kids to eat healthy food!).  So I try and fill them with useful things they will like and need.  I spend way too much time in crowded stores.  I spend way too much money!  I have the hardest time picking though what’s left to find comparable items for each child because of course I put it off until the last minute.

Then back at home, when I try filling the stockings nothing fits!  You have to bend and crush the packages, cram stuff in there until the seams are about to bust (reminds me of a favorite winter story – The Mitten) and then I still have things leftover.  Then of course it is impossible to re-hang them because they weigh a ton!  This process is far too IMPRACTICAL for me!  I tried to eliminate this pagan tradition a couple years ago but the guilt got to me and then I was out shopping even more last minute than usual!

Well, now that the shopping is done and the stockings filled (our stocking mysteriously disappear a few days before Christmas), I can now focus on the fun part, my children’s sheer joy as they manically squeeze out new hats and gloves, spin brushes, small sketch-books, Barbie accessories, a mini Nerf gun, card game, Lego’s, and M&M’s in a tree shaped container, and try and relax and enjoy!


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  1. Oh man, I hear you. How are those stockings supposed to hang back up, and nothing ever fits! And, my mother knitted me a three foot long stocking when I was born that has set the standard for how long a stocking has to be in this household.

    I still love it though!

  2. My kids are thrilled with office supplies as stocking stuffers. Mechanical pencils, markers, little notebooks, book marks etc. I do a Staples run and check stores like Papyrus or Paper Source. Not sure if this is useful for everyone; my kids have an unhealthy obsession with Staples! :)

  3. I’m not a mama so I never thought about how hard it would be! I do love the look of stockings though…I had some beauties but left em behind when I got divorced (the last thing I was thinking about was my Xmas stuff in the storeroom under the stairs, had some great brass stocking hangers too).

    My mother still gives my sister and I stockings (I’m 43 & she’s 38) so I can only assume she enjoys it :-).

    @PragmaticMom…I am obsessed with office supplies especially pretty composition books and sharpies. Throw the hints to my mom when you get a chance, K?

  4. The stocking was always my favorite. All the little treasures! I just wish someone was still filling a stocking for me instead knowing what I’m getting. :-) but at least everything I get I know I’ll like!

  5. I have a horrible problem with not buying anything that fits into the stockings. Plus we have no mantle, so the stockings sort of slump over awkwardly wherever we stash them that is far enough out of reach of the dog. I am still fiercely pro-stockings though, and am still planning on making some for my kids, even if that doesn’t happen until they are in their 30’s.

    • Ha, ha, ha!

      I wonder would dogs try and get at the chocolate?!!! BTW – it will probably be difficult keeping the Santa thing going into their 30’s…

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