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Star Wars Lego Freeco Speeder

Lego Star Wars Freeco Speeder (8085)

The day after Christmas is a fun filled day of eating leftovers and playing with all the new stuff!

After nearly 50 pages of instructions, I or my son and I finally completed the Lego Freeco Speeder!  For a 41 year old mom the instructions were easy enough to follow (I only made one mistake and it was easy enough to go back 2 steps).  I did find the pieces to be very small and sometimes hard to pick-up and manipulate and was wondering if this aspect would be easier for a 7-12 year old.  I am also concerned that I might vacuum up some of these small pieces one day.

I mostly built it because my son is only 4.  I have no good excuse for getting him a toy marked for ages 7-12 except that it is what he wanted.  He is through with the Duplo and not so interested in the sets marked for younger kids like the Lego City sets which start at 5.  He is more of a fantasy guy/kid who is 4 going on 8 (at least in his mind).  We chose the Freeco Speeder set for looks and price.  I did know I would be building it while he half looked on/half played with something else until it was finished and then he took over!  I could barely keep his hands off for this photo but I was so beaming with pride over my accomplishment, I pushed the little guy aside as I set down my make-shift photo studio/piece of foam-core.

BTW, we also got him some toys more age appropriate and we feel like he will grow into this one.  By the time he is 7 we will probably be asking for an iPad!  Oh wait, he already has!!!


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  1. That looks like a great first Lego set! My 4yo son is all about the little Legos now, too, but so far I don’t think he realizes the sets even exist! He has a bunch from my own childhood that he builds things with, and he especially loves the guys. I’m sure he would be thrilled to have a set like this!

    • Thanks for stopping by! My son loves the guys too! I should have mentioned that in the post, we put those together first! That’s cool to have your old Lego still! My brother had tons of Lego – I wonder what happened to them?!!!

  2. I’m 40 and I have trouble with legos. Ha! I think it’s okay it was marked older. I’m sure it is still fun to play with for him. But an iPad…….ah! Dream toy! (mine as well) Why do I suddenly feel like I’m four? 😀

    • Ha, ha, ha! They are nice we were playing around with my sister’s over Christmas! I don’t we are getting one anytime soon!

  3. My brother has a love for all things Lego. It keeps him occupied and me on my toes. No seriously after a few times having stepped on them I’ve learned how to navigate through his room very carefully. But we have fun with them … yes ..I play with them on occasion *blushes*

  4. Been there, done that too. It is a true test of patience (for me at least) to put one of those things together. I spent all day yesterday assembling a playmobil set with my 8 yr old son. Luckily he can do a lot of it himself.
    I just made sure to have fun. Slow & steady.
    Good job mommy!

    • It wasn’t too bad, I was watching “Christmas Vacation” on TV while I was building, which kept me from going batty. Have fun, that’s the key ; )

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