Crayola Fabric Crayons

Doll created with fabric crayons

Printed Doll

Often the most fun and useful gifts turn out to the least expensive!  I picked up Crayola fabric crayons for a stocking stuffer and my 6 year old daughter has already put them to good use creating a personalized baby blanket for her new niece.  The project was all her idea and the blanket turned out so sweet!  And unlike iron on transfer sheets the result is not plasticy and stiff.  We simply followed the directions on the back of the crayon box.  First she created the design on paper and then I ironing it onto fabric with a high polyester content.  One thing to remember is that your design will transfer backwards so if the design has text you must write it backwards.

The possibilities are endless with these crayons!  Use them to decorate bags, scarves, t-shirts, aprons, pillows, ornaments, quilting squares, pin cushions, etc.  Today I am going try a printed cloth doll which could be a great first sewing project too!

  1. Start by creating your doll artwork (keep the shape relatively simple for easy sewing).  Don’t worry if colors seam dull, it will transfer much brighter.  Make your design bigger than the result you want to allow for the slimming that will occur when you stuff it.
  2. Next step is to iron your artwork onto your fabric.  On an ironing surface, lay down your fabric, then your colored design and then a plain piece of paper and iron for 1 to 2 minutes (press straight down to avoid shifting your design).  Move iron around for even transfer (you can also lift the corners to check).
  3. After your artwork has been transferred to the fabric flip it and mark your sew line with an air erasable marker, then pin to back piece of fabric (right-sides-together)
  4. Sew the front and back leaving a one inch opening at the bottom, then carefully cut about ¼ inch from the seam.
  5. Flip sewed doll right-side-out and stuff with polyester fiber or whatever you have like cotton-balls, scraps of yarn, or beans.
  6. Fold in opening, then hand-stitch closed and you’re done!



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    • Thanks! The crayon texture is really nice – you can also draw your design in light pencil first since that won’t transfer.

  1. Ann I just love this idea! I have some fabric crayons that I used for the race-car t-shirt I posted about a while back, and I want to try this idea right away!

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