New Year’s Resolutions

Just the idea of New Year’s Resolutions makes me feel unmotivated.  I know the average person gives up on them and I am pretty average so I am not going to bother!  Instead I am going to pat myself on the back for my accomplishments of 2011 and if you are feeling the self improvement pressure take a minute to reflect.  I bet you have much to be proud of too!

Then I am going to sail smoothly along into 2012 and when I get there MAYBE I will consider a few things I would like to add or change.

Because I know that additions always come with subtractions.  One of my big 2011 accomplishments is that I started this blog!  Before I started it, I was reading about 2 books a month.  That has all but stopped.  That time has been swallowed up by writing, drawing, reading other blogs, and general blog admin.  I am okay with that for now.  I am still “reading” and I am definitely expanding, growing, and improving as a person through blogging.  Maybe as I learn how to streamline some of my on-line activities I will be able to incorporate more off-line reading back into my days.  As far as I know, there won’t be are more hours in the days of 2012 and I am just NOT going to sacrifice sleep.  So I will leave it at that.

All that being said…  there are two connected things that tend to nag me a bit this time of year.  After all the holiday eating, the cold weather making it harder to stay active, and blogging being a sit-on-your-tuchus-kind-of-activity…  I don’t even have to say it do it!!!  Alright I’ll say it:  eat healthier and exercise more, sigh…  If I am going to do something about these things it is going to have to be with a combination of heroic and not-so-heroic strategies.  These strategies might include:

  • Just do it (thanks Nike for best tag line ever)!  I may have to revive my “jogging in place while I what TV” exercise plan.  That saves time, right?!
  • Baby steps:  Maybe I will just promise to “just do it” once a week at first.  I can do that and it takes the pressure off!
  • Creativity:  Read and comment on great fellow bloggers’ food and healthy eating posts.  Gotta love being able to do two things at once!  This will get me inspired for shopping and cooking more and healthier.
  • Review:  Things that have worked for me in the past which I have summarized and simplified in MY High-Five Diet!

Here is the problem of writing without an outline!  I said I wasn’t going to create any resolutions but turns out I kinda did.  At least they are not big intimidated impossible to accomplish goals rather resolutions-lite!

How about you, are you making resolutions or goals for 2012?


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    • That is exciting – looking forward to seeing your goods! I would mind making a little money online either ; )

    • Spacing out smaller ones though-out the year – brilliant!!! Maybe I move the exercise goal ahead a few months ; )

  1. Sounds great! You already saw my Blog Resolutions post. You can check my recipes and stuff as often as you like 😉 But I gotta warn you, February’s gonna be all about the Chocolate.

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