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Mother Daughter Craft Time

My daughter ORDERED me away from the computer yesterday after school while my son was napping.  It was a perfect stolen moment for a little mother-daughter time.  She had a craft for us to work on: stuffed construction paper animals.   I know it don’t sound like it would work but I have seen her make small pillows this way before and it does, sort of.  Anyways, the point is that’s not the point, right?!

Since she has “perfected” the process I followed her instructions.  We used large sized stencils to create the shape.  By the way I love those stencils (Familiar Shapes Stencils 8 – Set of 12)!  They get used all the time for lots of different projects.  She chose a bear and I chose a girl.  We picked construction paper for the front and back.  Then we cut them.  I had to cut around my shape more generously to make it stuff-able.  Then we stapled around the edges, and filled with polyester fiber.  We added a final staple to close it up and some tape here and there.  Then it was time to add some finishing touches!  I don’t think anyone will be rushing to pin this project but actually the result was better than many of my craft ideas.

Stuffed construction paper bear

So what did I learn yesterday (or relearn)? 

  1. The time spent with your children is more important that what you DO during that time.
  2. You get to know your kids a little better when you squeeze in some one-on-one time with them!
  3. Taking direction from your children seems to foster confidence and leadership skills.




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    • Thanks Angelia! I know there comes a time when kids don’t want to spend so much time with mom so I need to take advantage now!!!

  1. Really cute little project AND sketch of you doing said project. I can’t imagine what it is like for kids when we are all so into our phones and computing and such. I try to save it for nap times and bedtimes, but it can be hard. I hope to figure out some great system in the next few weeks so that I can guiltlessly be on the computer at a time that no one else in the house feels shortchanged. That will take some work. :)

    • Thanks Tiffanie. Definitely hard – I’m not a night owl! My kids play together nicely so I have that time plus my son had preschool 2 days. It can get a little addictive don’t you think?!!!

  2. I love this post! You know, I actually remember making an animal this way in second grade – and being immensely proud of it =)

    Those stencils look fantastic! I need to make an order from discount school supply sometime soon, and I’ll have to remember those!

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