Handmade Barbie Doll Townhouse from Bookcase

Have you considered adding a Barbie doll townhouse to your toy collection?  Are you disappointed with either the quality or the price of what you have looked at?  Do you enjoy a project?  Do you have an old small bookcase that no one will miss?  Then how about making a QUALITY doll house for very little money!  You can also make it to your taste instead of settling for someone else’s decorating sense.

Handmade Barbie Doll Townhouse

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And if you want some less conventional design inspiration from a genuine architect mom check out Corner Blog’s Building a Dollhouse from SCRAP also featured at Apartment Therapy.  This is the Barbie house I want to live in!

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    • Not sure why I didn’t think of it before – I put it right it the post my friend!!! I love your modern house – I love how you used all the samples and the bathroom is my favorite! I think I will mention it again on Twitter with my new link!

      I made it last year – I only wish it had an elevator!

  1. That is a really awesome townhouse and a great idea! You are right about the poor quality of official options for Barbie. Another thing to do is make the doll furniture yourself — or have kids do it with recyclables like bottle tops, thread spools, scraps of fabric, ribbon, etc. Maybe throw in a hot glue gun, supervised if necessary.

    • I love the idea of having kids make furniture! I am going to look things over a little more thoroughly before chucking! Thanks for the idea and thanks for dropping by!

    • You had the wrong link, it was the one to Stella’s room – I fixed it – hope it’s okay! Added to post also : )

  2. What a fun idea! You are right about it being sturdy! I love that! I have not done anything 3D really, and now you have me thinking of fun things to do with a bookcase! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Winnie! I love doll houses! You kown, with all the laying and textures you use, your cards are 3D!

    • Thanks MaryAnne! This was a fun project. My bookcase was already painted but I think it would be nice to leave the natural wood.

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