Yarn Hearts

Simple Valentine Craft

Yarn Hearts

Take a look around your home…  Are you feeling the Valentine’s love yet?  Is there a serious lack of hearts in sight?  What if I told you you just need 30 minutes, some left-over chunky yarn, Elmer’s glue, and plastic wrap to whip your home into shape for Cupid’s arrival (now less than 1 month away)!

Don’t have these supplies and still want to make this craft?  There is still time to place an order with Discount School Supply (Colorations Chunky Acrylic Craft Yarn – Set of 8,
Elmer’s Gallon Glue Pump
 – why not go for the Cadillac of glue dispensers – you deserve it)!  You probably want to stock-up on a bunch of other crafting supplies while you’re at it.  I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough googly eyes and pom-poms (for hand-art), construction paper (for heart garland), tissue paper, and glitter!  Now back to hearts…

Here’s How…

  1. Start by cutting several strips of yarn into varying lengths.  I cut 3 pieces: 1 at 18 inches, 1 at 20″, and 1 at 22″.
  2. Next cut yarn for hanging the hearts.  Cut them extra long.  You can always trim them later.  I cut 3 at 12 inches.
  3. Tie the yarn for hanging and the length for the heart shape (in a loop) together as shown in image below.
  4. Now dip the yarn into half Elmer’s glue half water solution (do not get glue on the length of yarn for hanging)
  5. Place your soon-to-be-heart down onto plastic wrap and form into a heart shape
  6. Allow to dry, peel away plastic wrap, then proudly display for all to enjoy!



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  1. These are super cute and easy to make, too.
    You know something – last week we did a project using yarn and glue on blown-up heart shape balloon. It turned out really messy and the yarn kept falling when we turned the balloon. So, we ended up making yarn hearts on only one side of the balloon… :(
    We might try this simpler version of yarn hearts… :)

    • Thanks! The balloon ones sound cool, that’s too bad it wasn’t working out. I think I did read somewhere that Sobo glue is sticky than Elmer’s. I wonder if that would help the yarn balloons.

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