If I could have only one toy for my children…

It would be blocks because…

They last forever!  You can use them to teach color and shape.  They build fine motor skills as children practice stacking and balancing.  Children can explore 2D and 3D aesthetic design with them.  They provide hands-on practice for creating sturdy and functional 3D design.  Blocks are an open-ended toy with infinite creative possibilities!  “They” play nicely with other toys.  It is okay if one is missing.  Children of ALL AGES enjoy blocks.  It’s fun to knock them down!  They never end up in the basement!

* * *

If you don’t have blocks yet and I have inspired you to get a set why not consider this 36 piece set that comes with a pull cart: Melissa and Doug Unit Blocks on Wheels

Melissa and Doug Unit Blocks on Wheels

Or this fun set with printed animal features: Hape Eco Animal Blocks – 38 Piece Set

Or this colorful 36 piece set with fun printed shapes: PBS Kids City Exploration Building Blocks

Or how about a 46 piece set with more “architectural” pieces offered through Amazon: PlanToys Plan Preschool Creative Blocks, 35 mm

Or these giant foam blocks offered through Amazon: EduShape Wood- Like Giant Blocks 726032

Last up, I think you could make some cool structures with these: Citiblocs Hot Colors Precision Cut Building Blocks (100 Piece Hot)

All product links are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission for each sale through Amazon.

Have a favorite block set?  Please share!


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  1. Blocks were the number one thing I played with my dad, and I can remember from a very young age building little cities that I can still see in my head. I never got my kids the same wooden blocks I had, as some colorful foam ones ended up in my lap, but for Christmas last year I got them this awesome (and kind of pricey) oversized faux wood grain set of foam blocks that NEVER don’t get played with.


    • I do like those for over-sized blocks because the really big wooden ones can be a little dangerous and ding wood floors. Thanks for the addition!

  2. Blocks are timeless and I think all kids love them even inner child in the adult, we love to sit with the little one and play blocks with them!

    • I should have added that – they make great weapons!

      It’s funny too because kids never seem to get too excited about GETTING blocks but they end up playing with them the most. What do you make of that?!

  3. Blocks are awesome! My sister has the foam ones another reader mentioned, and my kids LOVE playing with them at her house! We have plain old wood ones – and some awesome hollow wooden ones my parents bought when they lived in Sweden.

    • Thanks Maryann – I bet the ones from Sweden are cool! All this talk about blocks is making me feel like we need a second set!

  4. I could not agree with you more! Simon has that top Melissa and Doug set, as well as another all uncolored wood block set. We also have some megablocks and another toddler lego style block. All three of us love playing with them. Simon likes blocks so much we are even having a building block themed birthday for his 2nd.

  5. I love blocks. Sometimes I worry the great old school toys will get left in the dust because of the new fangled stuff and like you wrote about there are tremendous learning opportunities when you go old school.

    Like all your choices here too!

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