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Print and Customize Valentines

Print and Customize Valentines

Printable Valentines to customize and share…

Valentines (print and customize)

Store bought Valentines are easy but can be impersonal and cost money.  Hand-made ones are special but take time and thought.

Here is a nice compromise.  I have created printable Valentines that you can cut-out and customize to give them that personal touch for FREE.

Also, these Valentines have been focus-tested with my family so you can be confident you are sharing fitting sentiments.  Problem solved!  


*For best results print on colored card-stock

  1. Click on link to print Valentines (choose double-sided printing): Be Mine Valentine
  2. Cut out the Valentines along the gray lines and cut the closure slits on each end.
  3. Customize each message with a picture or object (I used a foil paper heart, apple seed, pebble, thumb-print, & paper hole-punch to create the “hole”)
  4. Fill in “To” and “From”.
  5. Fold along dotted lines.
  6. Interlock tabs to close and create heart!
  7. Share them with your friends!

If you like these Valentines, sharing on Stumble, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. which is always appreciated and easily accomplished with “AddToAny” below!


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  1. Thank you! I just bought Valentines for two of my kids who are more interested in the candy in the Valentine box but for my one kid who wants to make her own, this might be the way to go. She will make a handful of lovely Valentines for her closest friends but she burns out for the rest of the class and it’s a requirement that everyone get one. Perfect solution!

  2. Very cute! They remind me of the ones my mother forced me to make every year, with a different pun in each one (tape a birthday candle on and write “you light my fire”, tape an old sock on and write “sock it to me”), and on and on and on….Why didn’t we keep a list, so I didn’t have to rack my brain trying to think of the last few puns, which always eluded me!


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