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Learn a little bit about the person behind “Doodles and Jots” today! Thanks Craftwhack,  Reading (and chickens)Mrs. IrritationTwo Adults, and Saly for this fun post template! Feel free to copy & paste and create and share your own alphabet!

A. Age: 41.9167 years

B. Bed size: queen which seems too small with a sideways sleeping 4 year old

C. Chore that you hate: grocery shopping with kids (a chore that should only be attempted by super-moms)

D. Dogs: I love VISITING dogs and then returning home to my fuzz free house

E. Essential start to your day: Starbucks coffee made in my coffee-maker with cream no sugar

F. Favorite color: to wear, I like all colors except maybe orange but I tend to wear a lot of what I think is flattering like gray and navy and if it comes in purple I like that especially

G. Gold or silver: silver

H. Height: 5’8”

I. Instruments that you play:  middles school level flute, a few tunes on the piano, and trying to learn the tin whistle

J. Job title: freelance product designer and best mommy in the whole world (so I’m told)

K. Kids: 20 year old step son, 18 year old step daughter, 6 year old daughter, and 4 year old son (so far)

L. Live: Cape Cod

M. Mother’s name: same as me

N. Nicknames: no, although one engineer used to call me Sully at work which felt ridiculous to me because there can be only one Sully in a family

O. Overnight hospital stays: tonsils out when I was 5, daughter’s birth, 2 times for hyperemesis while pregnant with son, and son’s birth

P. Pet peeves: clutter and stuff on the floor

Q. Quote from a movie: “Much too good for children!” from Matilda

R: Right or left handed: right, but I think being left handed people are cool

S: Siblings: 2 sisters and a brother (I’m the middle girl)

T. (free choice?) What’s on my kitchen TABLE: partially eaten snack bags and sippy cups, library tote bag, school back-pack, my bag, mail basket, stack of newspapers, bowl of fruit, bowl of nuts, and some other doodads  

U. Underwear: I like to express myself with color and pattern where no one can see!

V. Vegetable(s) you hate: lima beans

W. What makes you run late: me not planning in the time it takes for dawdling, freak-outs, and the bodily functions of 2 additional people I travel with most of the time

X. X-rays you’ve had: teeth of course (but I refuse those at least half the time because I think they are bad for you), abdomen once with a stomach bug, and probably another but can’t remember

Y. Yummy food that you make: chicken pot pie, ribs, chicken, beef stew

Z. Zoo animal: zebra but I’m also fascinated by primates and can watch them indefinitely



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  1. I guess you’re skewing our 5’6″ average. Great. Thanks a lot. I forgot. I asked you once what sorts of products you design and forgot to come back and look. So… what do you design? I’ll come back later- I promise.

    • Ha, ha, ha – 2 inches?

      I have worked on a bunch of different things like housewares, baby products, consumer electronics, and medical. I worked at a consultancy where we were hired by all different types of manufacturing type companies. Thanks for asking!

  2. Why did I think you are in Maine, Ann? I’m always saying to my husband “you know those bloggers that live in Maui and Maine?”! Hahaha.

    5′-8″…you’ve got six inches on me, boo! Loved reading about you…what does it take to get more than your silhouette on here? :)

  3. Very cool. Although I still feel you are a bit mysterious! :)

    I for some reason thought you were in Massachusetts…apparently we all had you pegged in New England.

    • I know – I don’t share a lot of personal stuff… I don’t find that part easy in the land of the “World Wide Web” One of these days I will change my profile pic! Thanks Krista! & yes MA ; )

    • I have some strict boundaries too. I used to have an anonymous blog but I found it too constricting for the type of blog I wanted to have, with lots of photography. I must say, your content does not suffer for your slight anonymity. I still want to come back and see what you have to share! :)

      I am careful not to say which town I live in, or to share pictures of my house. I have even photoshopped my license plate and the make and model of our car out of a photo once. I also keep some topics strictly off limits, since they are just too emotional or private. I am setting out to inspire, not to write a diary.

    • Thanks for your support Krista! Still learning what I am comfortable with and suspect is will evolve a bit – I am still pretty new at this ; )

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