a doodle of mine (this is how I want to draw - more effortless)

Here’s a bunch of things from my bulletin board.

A bunch of things that I think are interesting or are important to me and some random things too.

It is kind of a neat way to get to know someone, don’t you think?


bottom of a paper bag (reminding to reuse)

piece of a tissue box

loved this PBS "Emma" mini-series

"ready to read" tips

map illustration by Aaron Meshon from a RISD post-card

can't seem to put away this Santa

my Grandmother's mass-card

daughters school-work about New Years Eve

mini book about Bugs by my daughter

In addition to these things I also have my daughter’s school lunch menu, a calendar, a key hidden behind the calendar for my filing cabinet (don’t tell me kids!), a lock of hair from my son’s first hair cut, work receipts, family photos, a couple other children’s crafts, a decaying leaf, headphones, a couple cards, and a few other random things.

What do you have tacked up?




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  1. I haven’t had a desk in two and a half years! So, nothing hanging here save for a few things on the fridge! BUT…what is this about RISD? Is this where you went to school? I got in there, but chose RPI instead, and sometimes I wonder what life would’ve been like if I had chosen architecture school with the “freaks” instead of the “geeks”! :)

    • Wow! We were almost classmates! What a strange small world, huh?! I guess we were destined to be friends one way or another ; )

      Also, no desk, tisk, I hope you have a proper ergonomic blogging set-up!!!

    • I had dreams of going to RISD as well, but I chickened out of applying and studied art at a University here in Maine because I was too scared to move away. I also wonder often what life would have been like if I would have gone to an away school.

    • I am sure you received a great education closer to home! I love all the pieces you are pinning lately – so expressive!

  2. Among other items I have a post-it note that just says: “cultivate stillness”.

    This is an important reminder to myself. I spotted a post-it on a coworker’s desk one day with that message and promptly made my own when I got home. The simple words just hit me with their perfection.

    I really liked this post. I like the idea of getting to know someone from the things they keep, especially in this bulletin board sense.

    PS. I also strive to draw in a more carefree and spontaneous way. My inner perfectionist fights me on it.

    • I like that post-it! & Thanks!

      Why is it that it is hard to draw more spontaneously for us? I think I sketchbook helps. I might try that.

    • Sketchbooking definitely helps me. I once set out to draw in one once a day, and some of my doodles were just scrawls with marker, others were more detailed pencil drawings. I set no limitations, and in the end I felt like I had freed up a lot of creativity.

  3. How great! I don’t have a bulletin board to tack things up… instead they just collect on my kitchen counter or in a basket. I go through it now and then, but it’s full of notes to and from my daughter, post it reminders (that I find too late).. things like that.

    • Notes to and from your daughter – that’s nice – I like the basket idea too – sometimes you see things everyday (pinned-up) and they disappear. If they are in a basket you can look through every once in a while and SEE them.

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