Half Hearts

Seen Differently

I recently reset my computer’s desktop background to a default image from my computer.  I was a black and white negative of a leaf.

It is a neat affect because it causes you to look at something potentially very familiar a little differently.  I have been meaning to try this photographic affect and here are a couple of my first attempts.

The pictures are of the tops of ornamental grass; maybe a seed pod that has opened up.  They look like half hearts.

I actually just reset it again.  This computer has some nice choices.

It is that Seurat painting…  A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.  I don’t think I am finished with negatives yet but I might have to play around with some Pointillism too!  Maybe using this technique I saw on Pinterest: eraser prints.  It might be a fun weekend activity with kids!

Inspiration can come from unexpected places.  Where are you getting your inspiration lately?

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  1. Not from nature, but I should. I don’t think of nature that much in the winter. I think I’m wishing for its end to come to much. I’m not sure where I’ve been getting my inspiration lately. Good question! I’ll have to try to pay more attention.

    • I am definitely going through a nature phase. I really don’t get inspired by nature though – I get inspired by what other people make.

  2. Beautiful…and I’m the same way, can be inspired by the smallest thing…it’s a great way to be isn’t it? On one hand I’m easily distracted, on the other, I see beauty every day.

    Lovely post Ann.

    • I love it! I know what you mean about distracting! I want to do the things I want to do and not so much the things I have to do… I am finding laundry very uninspiring lately ; )

  3. I actually find my inspiration by reading other blogs and getting ideas. And lately I’m trying to let my walls down, let my imagination go further. Instead of being trapped in a logical mind. I’m trying to be more creative so whenever I see something like this, or potential, I make an effort to think of crazy ideas. For instance, your top pic makes me think of a Wonka-esque land gone bad. LOL. Sorry, but there it is. 😉

    • I get inspired by other blogs too! Wonka-esque – nature is crazy isn’t it?! Creativity has a multiplying effect too I think. If you stretch a little is flows more!

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