I ♥ Sweatpants

…although I’m not exactly proud of it

I have always liked them but now love them passionately since becoming a work-at-home mom.  It used to be a weekend thing but now it’s a 24 hour / 7 days a week thing.  Often with the only exception being that 1 hour when I get all dolled up (put on jeans) to pick up my kindergartener under the guise of having gotten dressed that day. 


Like I said, I’m not proud of it.  They’re not flattering.  They’re never quite long enough.  They have a draw string waist.  They do my thighs no favors.  I can’t help myself.  I love them.  Here is what I love: I can sleep in them, which eliminates the need to change at bedtime or in the morning.  And before you think I’m totally gross,  I do have several pairs.  I love that I can bend over and squat all day long as required of a work-at-home mom of young children.  When I try to carry out my mom agilities in jeans I have to keep hiking them up which is such a pain!  I also love the fact that sweatpants are so soft, warm, and cozy.  It’s like getting a hug all day long.  And some days I really need it!  And before you get a certain picture, none of them have matching hoodies, are velour, or have words across the butt.  Although now that I think about it; I’m not ruling out a velour as a material or the possibility of a matching hoodie (at some point).  None of them once belonged to my husband either.

I do wonder if there are others like me at school pick-up time.  I wonder what would happen if I just give up the ruse and started wearing my sweatpants out and about.  The minute I try this I will certainly run into someone I’d like to impress.  So far I only wear them for quick car rides.  Maybe if I got some nice new pairs.

Like how about these Champion Eco Fleece ones made from recycled fibers!  They look like they might be long enough.

Although it that just another form of giving up?

I’m so glad we talked…


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  1. I don’t wear sweatpants nearly as much as I did five years ago (when I could pull it off WAY better with a five-year-younger body…), but I do have a bad habit of wearing maternity jeans when I’m not pregnant. Maternity tops, too…

    • I have been guilty of that too! Being pregnant more often you have an excuse! I don’t think I am pulling it off ; )

  2. “It’s like getting a hug all day long.” That cracked me up. I love my yoga pants a whole lot, but I’m trying really, really super hard to wear uncomfortable clothes. Maybe not uncomfortable per se, but once I start wearing comfy pants every day, i think that would start a never ending slide to lounging on the couch all day eating chocolates and screaming at my kids who are tied up behind the stairs.

    • How do you know all my secrets?!

      I am definitely going through a winter funk – self neglect thing lately. Yoga pants look better – I think I need to go shopping.

    • Comfy! Although there are definite occasions where they are not appropriate like weddings and high-school reunions. The inappropriate times seem to start exponentially increasing when you hit your 40’s…

  3. That “hug all day long” thing was hilarious. As long as you’re feeling good about it, it’s all good. I’ve gone to such pot lately that I can’t really get my legs into sweatpants and feel good about it. It’s dresses and tights all day long for me over here. I always look disheveled at morning drop off, no matter what I’m wearing. :)

    Maybe someday you can upgrade to yoga pants!

    • Dress are good too for moving around and mom activities and look so much nicer! One of my sweatpants are yoga pants and instead of looking like I just got out of bed look like I am just coming from the gym so that’s better ; )

  4. You are so funny. I almost bought those sweat pant “jeans” on tv in an infomercial. They are like my middle daughter’s favorite pants from last year … stretch pants from Flowers by Zoe that look like jeans but are sweats.

    But my secret — lounge wear from Petit Bateau. Plus in a winter coat with boots on, no one can tell I slept in them, wore them all day and did it again! Shh! It’s our secret!

    • I love secrets – will have to check out!!! Love hiding in winter coats too!

      Also thanks for the super-duper catch up! It is fun to see an explosion of comments!

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