Indoor Obstacle Course

Do you live in a cold climate?  Do you have small children?  Do they go crazy without physical activity most days?  Are the slides at your neighborhood park still beneath a layer of ice?

How about creating an indoor obstacle course?!  If you haven’t done this before it is lots of fun to plan, set up, and take turns going through.  It is also great exercise for kids and will help you get through those last few weeks of winter.

Thanks Hands on as We Grow for reminding me about indoor obstacle courses!  We started doing this after my daughter took a gymnastics class but sort of forgot about it and haven’t done one in a while.

Start by gathering props: Things like an exercise mat, a collapsible tunnel, a ball, a laundry basket, a ride on toy.  Next create a list of activities and arrange the props around your living room.

Here is an example course to get you started: 

  1. Crawl through tunnel
  2. Ride around dining room table
  3. 10 jumping jacks on exercise mat
  4. Throw ball in basket 3 times

You can also add forward tumbles, jogging, bouncing a ball, and utilize any other props you happen to have like an exercise ball or hand weights.  Then up the fun factor by adding some upbeat background music.  Use your imagination and have fun!

Or how about some yoga for kids with Jodi Komitor!  My kids love it!  It’s great exercise and has the same calming effect on kids!


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