Thorn bushes can really be a nuisance!  I have vivid memories of getting scratched “cutting through” bushes as a kid.  When you consider the thorn, it is kind of interesting.  Plants with thorns probably evolved that way as a defense mechanism against plant eating animals.

I suppose you would be pretty safe from attack if you walked around with sharp protrusions all over you body!  You would however be pretty hard to love.  Makes me wonder how porcupines show affection.

Thorns were used as tools by primitive cultures and I am sure they probably inspired the invention of barbed wire.  You can use thorns bushes to your advantage.  You can plant them around a vegetable garden to keep animals out and under windows as a natural security system.  I am not a vengeful person but I enjoy the thought of a bad guy getting all scratched up trying to brake in!

Thorns are a powerful metaphor for the universal irritations and discomforts in life.  Do you have a “thorn in your side”?  We all have our challenges, don’t we?!  My advise?  Try to avoid these bushes, or if you cannot, wear gloves and transplant them where they will be useful.  Also if you happen to encounter someone with a torn stuck in their paw, do help them pull it out!

Andy and the Lion (Picture Puffins) by James Daugherty:  In this retelling of Androcles and the Lion, Andy meets a lion on the way to school and wins his friendship for life by removing a thorn from his paw (Amazon description).



  1. The previous owners of our house planted thorn bushes around their garden, and I can’t recommend it! They hurt the gardener at least as much as animals – and squirrels and bunnies don’t seem to mind them at all! We have tried to get rid of the thorn bushes, but they are remarkably resilient…

    • Oh dear!!! Thanks for sharing your personal experience with garden thorn bushes! They sure are resilient – I don’t enjoy cutting ours back. Maybe if bigger animals were your problem they would help…

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