Patience Rewarded

Observing Mallard Ducks

We went to feed the swans yesterday and it was wasn’t so long ago I got lots of great swan pictures so I decided to focus on the ducks.

The trick to photographing ducks seems to be PATIENCE!

The ducks were very cautious, hanging back behind the swans but eventually they came a little closer.



They even briefly ventured out of the water.  Of course until my excited children scared them back again!

The male is gray with the green iridescent head and white collar.  The female is mottled blown and has the (sometimes hidden) blue “badge” of feathers on her wings.  They are quite a handsome pair!

 When they came out of the water briefly and were surrounded by tall grass, I noticed how well camouflaged the female was.  Can you see her in this picture?

Most of the around 20 ducks in this pond where swimming as couples.  A few males were left out and I did see one get a little too close to a taken female and was promptly shooed away by her partner with loud quacks and wing-flaps.

They put on quite an air show too!  Most of the flight shots I took were blurred and awkward but I did manage to capture a couple of nice landings.


It is nice to follow up a visit with duck by reading the classic Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.  This edition comes with a CD which is nice for car rides!

I love to give books as gifts and pair them up with a stuffed animal.  How about this Plush Mallard Duck.  My kids have a few of these Audubon birds and they make authentic bird sounds when you squeeze them!

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  1. Those Audubon birds are fantastic! We have one that my kids love. Great idea to pair books with stuffies as gifts!

    And your photos are fantastic!!! I don’t think I ever noticed that small blue patch on the females before!

  2. Sure doesn’t look like winter in those photos! I LOVE those stuffed birds. I found one a few years ago that sounds just like the birds in the woods where I grew up in NH, and it makes me homesick to hear it, but I love the sound just the same.

    • I guess those birds are pretty popular! We really have had a mild winter overall (although it happens to be snowing right now!)

  3. Great photos! The first photo is my favorite (they are so beautiful!). One of my best friends growing up had a duck named Tom, what a character.

    I can never resist a cute rubber duckie btw…

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