Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss Book Recommendations

In honor of Mr. Brown – try mixing up brown paint with the 3 primaries – so easy & satisfying!

Most of the little boys I have known incorporate sound effects into their play.  When my brother was little he could recreate the sound of a car in need of a tune-up perfectly!

Maybe this is part of the reason why my son LOVES Mr. Brown Can Moo!  This book is full of fun sounds!  It’s a great introduction to Dr. Seuss for the very young and it’s also available as a board book.  In my experience this is not a minor detail when you are buying books for toddlers!

Dr. Seuss books are especially fun to read out loud.  I always pause to have my kids fill in the rhyming words!  A family favorite is How the Grinch Stole Christmas which my kids request year round.  Another wonderful thing about Dr. Seuss is that many are easy readers so reading-to-them can transition into them reading-to-you!  Hop on Pop is a great one full of zany rhyming 3 letter words.

Recently Pragmatic Mom recommended The Lorax which is one of her son’s favorites which happens to be one that we haven’t EVEN read.  I am planning to to rectify this situation in a big way!  We are going to have a join birthday celebration for me and Dr. Seuss tomorrow.  The festivities will include going to see the new Lorax movie followed by a trip to the bookstore.  Yay!  And I think I’ll skip the Green Eggs and Ham!!!

What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book?


  1. Happy Birthday Ann! For some reason, I get annoyed reading Dr. Seuss out loud, and I’m not sure, but I think it might now after your post I think I’m actually going to try again. Boom. Library.

    • Thanks! Some of them bug me a bit – like Green Eggs and Ham – enough already, he don’t want to try them – but them he tries them and likes them so I guess it has a good message…

  2. I am working at the library today, and just finished cataloging some new copies of Hop On Pop and The Lorax, just before popping on to read some blogs and yours was first. :)

    I love this birthday idea. Also, I could not agree more with your statement about board books. I still keep all of the non-board books out of Simon’s reach without supervision.

  3. Happy Birthday, Ann! I hope you had a great one, I’m sorry I missed it! Stella and her dad went to see The Lorax as well. This is actually our FAVORITE Seuss book, and I’m afraid the movie might be a lot different, so I didn’t go. How did you like it?

    Did you ever see this post I did on cakes? Scroll down and you can see the Lorax themed birthday we threw for Stella’s third birthday. David, Stella and I performed the book, and I made a Lorax cake (you’ll see, so funny).


    xoxo, Tiffanie

    • Very cool! You are quite the cake lady! Thanks for sharing your link! We are Lorax fans now too – very powerful story.

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