The Letter B

Big B, little b, words start with b…

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Here are some words that start with b:  berries, brown bunny, buds, bouquet, balancing birds, blue billows, branches, and a b-shaped bundle.  I thought I was going to have to share a bunch of random pictures today but it turns out they all start with the letter b!  By golly!

By the way, this could be a fun game with kids to teach new words and letter sounds.


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14 thoughts on “The Letter B

  1. Wow! You’re sure making good use of that new camera! Must be a great one! My fav is the water and the buds… and I like the berries and the bunny!

    • I now have a 35X zoom and it’s so fun! Need to get used to it though…

      Actually was about 20 feet from that bunny – kept trying to get a better angle; not sure if the bunny was paralyses with fear or what but it did eventually hop away through a hole in the fence and into Mr McGregor’s garden ; )

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