Happy Trees

I’ve noticed the trees are busy budding all around.

Things seem simple for trees.  They need food which they amazingly make for themselves through photosynthesis.  So first they make leaves.

We need food too.  And like trees we must plan ahead.  But we are not capable of making our own food by soaking up the sun.  If we are thirsty we can’t stand there with our mouths open waiting for it to rain.

We must move!  We must be clever!

It takes a series of complex steps and sometimes problem solving to get our food and water.  Our modern methods for feeding ourselves are more complex than ever!  Ancient people went out looking for food.  At some point people learned how to cultivate their food.  A modern person’s work is likely far removed from the food he eats.

Food and water is the basis for our life.  According to Maslow, once we have food there are other things we need too!

This complexity makes us a more advanced life form but I don’t know that advanced means superior.  Trees certainly live longer, hundreds, sometimes thousands of years!  I wonder if they are happier too…

What's on a tree's to do list?

* * * 

Check out this amazing time lapse video of a chestnut bud and leaves opening…

* * * 

It’s on my “to do” list!


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