I ♥ Tread Setting!

Here is a pattern I made with one of my Tread Setting photos from yesterday.  I tried a few, but this one was by far the coolest and to think, I made it with my car!  I think of driving as being such a masculine activity but this is definitely evidence of driving’s feminine side!  I think yesterday was winter’s last hurrah but if it snows again I will be looking for another empty parking lot!

Tread Setting Pattern (photo in Gimp: levels, posterize, colorize, then arranged multiples into pattern)

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8 thoughts on “I ♥ Tread Setting!

  1. Love this! Great design. I’m so attracted to recurring graphic art patterns like this (it’s partly why I spend way too much on those stampers for the edge of things, I don’t really do that many crafts but can’t resist recurring and uniform hearts, robots…you get the idea).
    Tania recently posted..March Photo of the Day Mashup…My Profile

  2. I used this pattern today to make wrapping paper for a wine bottle. I posted the link in my “website” if anyone wants to see it.
    Ann- feel free to add it to the post if you want to.

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