Larch Love

It was love at first site when I saw this tree in my sister’s neighborhood on a post-Thanksgiving dinner walk last year.  It is deciduous and a conifer.  It has cones and it loses its needles in the fall which makes for quite a striking sight in the cold months.

The larch tree is unexpected and unusual.

Clearly the pines and oaks are in charge around here and they lay down the law.  They say deciduous trees don’t have cones.  The larch doesn’t listen.  They say trees with cones must be evergreen.  The Larch asks why…  I like being deciduous and a conifer, I’m not hurting anyone.  The larch proudly displays his cones and needle-less limbs all winter long, unique and in defiance of those rules.  And now that it is spring says, now look what I can do!

By the way, I am not the only fan of this tree.  He’s popular with the lichen too!

Do you have a favorite tree?


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    • Cool, huh?

      Japanese Maple is nice – love the color. My neighbor has one of those and in the fall I find some of its small delicate leaves here and there in my yard.

    • I wonder if you can eat the plums… I love the idea of fruit tree, never had one. I love the leaves on the Japanese maple – another “rebel”.

    • I just noticed a street I drive by is called Larch Arbor. One of these days I am not in a hurry I will have to take a drive down it.

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