It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

It’s a bird and a plane.

Jots about the bird…

  • It looks like a Downy woodpecker.
  • It was pecking like this, “tap tap pause, tap tap pause”.
  • I wonder what that slim branch could possibly yield.
  • I have also seen larger woodpeckers in my yard.
  • And I don’t like when they jackhammer on my house!

Jots about the plane…

  • It was headed west over my house.
  • In the photo, it looks like Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.
  • I kept losing it outside of my 35X zoom.
  • I once sat next to a guy on a plane who designed jet engines.
  • He explained that a simple way to demonstrate how a jet engine works is to blow up a balloon and let it go!
*This post is linked up with Mama Smile‘s Learning Laboratory.  Check it out for photo tips and lots of other great learning links!


    • Thanks Larissa! YOUR photos are amazing! I think the woodpecker is cute too – it looks so soft!

    • Thanks! I love makings discoveries and observations with the kids especially as it is getting warmer out now!

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