Bird and Book

The Bird…

Northern Flicker`

Here is the other woodpecker I see a lot of.  The first one being the smaller and cuddlier Downy woodpecker.  The Northern Flicker had quite the fashion sense don’t you think?  Red hair bow, black scarf, polka-dot top, and yellow pleated skirt…

Northern Flicker Outfit

Here’s an interesting fact…  

Most woodpeckers have zygodactyl feet which mean their toes are splayed out in an X shape for holding on to the sides of trees (or pylons).

The Book…

Read about the life cycle of a tree in A Log’s Life by Wendy Pfeffer; from life, death, decomposition, to new life and all the animal life it supports (including woodpeckers)! This book is enhanced by Robin Brickman’s rich 3D watercolor/cut-paper illustrations that totally draws you in!  My kids LOVE this non-fiction picture book!


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  1. Love the outfit! It struck me when I first saw the bird that it looked like it had a polka dotty sweater on. I love hearing woodpeckers around here. I’ll have to break out the telephoto lens to see who they are.
    Craftwhack recently posted..PerceptionsMy Profile

  2. it was only a year ago that i saw a woodpecker for the first time. it woke me up in the morning. we don’t get to see them often here in florida, so i was sort of excited to finally see one.

    thanks you so much for the sweet words! it made me smile :)
    enjoy your weekend!

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