Hovering Hawk Craft

But first a TRUE story…  Human Interruption

You think on a warm day like today you would see movement down there.  And I don’t mean golfers but rather small tasty creatures with nowhere to hide.  I watch closely scanning all around from my spot high above.  I am a patient bird.

Oh bother, here comes some humans.  The big one sees I’m here AND had one of those snapping things.  Here comes the smaller less predictable ones!  This spot is no longer ideal.

Swoop, on the way I investigate a curious animal hole.  I scratch at it with my claws and wait but nothing.

I stop here for a moment of sun and then on to a new perch.

This looks good but soon the humans are back.  This time I tolerate them.  They will soon move on because they are not the patient type.

The smaller ones are scratching at something on the ground and I am curious.  So I swoop right over them and I see it’s just sticks and sand!  Humans are such strange creatures.  The snapping one looks protective and they are moving on now.

And I turn my attention back to scanning for my next meal.

* * *

Do you enjoying watching hawks glide effortlessly in the sky?  Would you like too see them more often – like perhaps every night above your bed?

If the answer is yes then here is a craft for you!

Hovering Hawk Craft

What you need…  

  • Construction paper cut to 8 1/2 by 11
  • White or yellow pastel
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • 24 inch lengths of white thread


showing steps 4 and 5

  1. Simply print out the following PDF on brown construction paper: Hovering Hawks
  2. Then add some white or yellow to the breast area with pastel and blend.
  3. Next cut out the hawk shape and fold along dotted lines.
  4. Now place a piece of double-sided tape inside.
  5. Tie thread in a loop and sandwich between the double-sided tape and close.
  6. Tape them in pairs above all the beds your home and then sleep tight!

*This post is linked up with Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles.  Check it out for lots of great outdoor learning ideas!


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  1. I mostly see them when I’m driving. I see them perched on top of the poles as I’m going down the expressway, swooping from trees on one side of the expressway to the other and, most recently, perched in a tree across from the library. I want a picture of my own so bad but my little Vivitar does them NO justice. Maybe the lesson is not only that I need a better camera but I need to drive less. Thanks for sharing, these are beautiful.
    Sabrina recently posted..A scalable wall at every levelMy Profile

    • Yes – take a walk near a golf course or other open area! Honestly this one was so close any camera would have been fine!

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