April First

This is not an April fools gag!  I repeat, this is NOT an April fools gag!  We all know there is power in positive thought, right?!  Skeptical?  Well today I will prove it with a little game.

First pick your image of choice.  If you wish you had more money pick the dollar sign and so forth.  Next stare at the image for as long as it take you to sing Twinkle, Twinkle in your head.  For extra power go ahead and sing out loud!  Now close your eyes, stretch your arms up and out, and fill young lungs up and exhale slowly.  That’s it!

Font: Square 721 BT

Font: Calibri

Font: Times New Roman (bold)

If it was money, go look in your wallet, piggy-bank, or couch cushions.  It worked right?!  Even a linty old penny counts.  You have money.

If it was love.  I bet you can now think of at least one person or animal who loves you.  A pet, a parent, a child, a spouses, a friend?  See that worked too.

And if it was happiness, look around in your environment or mind.  I am sure you can find at least one glass that is half full of something that you enjoy.  Come on, look harder, it’s there!

Thanks for playing!


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