Easter Innovation

bunny napkin sketch

Every once in a long while, you come across genuine innovation in a sea of spin-offs.  And when you see it you, in such obvious brilliance, you find yourself wondering, why didn’t I think of that?!  I made such a discovering this morning at my local Rite Aid.

In the seasonal aisle, right between the Peeps and some budget bunnies was Hershey’s new Snapsy: Snap-Apart Bunny!

No longer must you traumatize your kids for life as you grab the pointiest kitchen dagger you can find and have your kids stand safely back as you disturbingly butcher their bunnies apart calling out, “Who wants the head?!”  Now simply, neatly, and in a much more civilized fashion you can SNAP off the ears, SNAP off the basket, etc.  Easter is changed forever (in a positive way)!

I happen to LOVE Hershey’s but if you are more of a Russell Stover mom, they have a version too with more traditional detailing and what I think is a better name: Snap-it Rabbit.

Happy Easter everyone and here’s to enjoying chocolate bunnies the more civilized, snap-apart way!


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  1. Ha! This is actually a cool idea. I just read this after reading the Easter post from This Mumma’s Life where her son had eaten the bunny’s face off, so this made me chuckle.

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