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We are on spring vacation from school this week and the weather couldn’t be better!  The kids went to the beach on Monday with their cousin (while I worked) and yesterday we we all took a field trip to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary which has walking trails and some natural history exhibits.

We had a great time except for getting the heebie-jeebies after flicking several ticks off of ourselves because we have gone off the trail briefly to see a decaying dolphin from the mass standings this past winter on the tidal flats.  We actually saw 2 such dolphins, a very sad sight.

I really got my exercise too carrying my 4 year old during the second half of the 1.7 mile trail walk.  I was carrying him on my back until he fell asleep!  Then I switched him to the front which really did me in.  My arms feel still feel like rubber.

My favorite part was the bird exhibit.  They have 3 large bird feeders set just outside a large picture window.  They also have a speaker set up so you can hear the crazy bird noise!  I sat in front of that window for at least 20 minutes and saw at least 15 different types of birds.  There was a bird enthusiast watching too who helped identify some of them.  The pictures are not as crisp as I’d like taken behind glass but here are a few highlights…

Common Grackle and Red Winged Blackbird

Female Cardinal

Song Sparrow

I wonder why the Grackle always looks angry and I love the Cardinal and her red lipstick.  We also saw a female Cow Bird (who lay their eggs in other birds’ nests!) and White-Throated Sparrows.

* * * 

How are you filling spring vacation week?


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  1. I picked a tick off of Simon last weekend. Ugh! We were out house-hunting and walking in the backyards at a few properties, not even the woods. I have heard they are expected to be extra bad this year. I saw a few natural tick repellents on pinterest go by.
    Krista recently posted..Week’s EndMy Profile

  2. That place sounds absolutely wonderful. There is a place in Albuquerque, NM called the Rio Grande Nature Center that I adored to visit when I lived there that reminds me of your trip.

    I also want to say that I really like the way you kept the decaying dolphin out of focus. Good for the viewer and respectful to the dolphin, but still an informative photo.
    Tiffanie recently posted..eggs ‘n’ excessMy Profile

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