Eat better while saving time and money!

Marble counters are on my wish list!

Are you in charge of the shopping and cooking for your family?  You do dread it?  Do you find it hard to shop with kids or have trouble finding time to go solo?  Do you spend too much on impulse buys and forget crucial items even though they are on your list?

Having your groceries delivered could be for you!

I have recently started having my groceries delivered again and I am rediscovering all its advantages!

I am a Stop & Shop customer and their online ordering and delivery service called Peapod is fantastic!  Sure there is a delivery charge (around $6.00) but they often have coupons.  For example, right now they are running a new customer special for free delivery for 60 days.  You should also tip the driver but think of all the money you will save without impulse purchases (and the health benefits).  The driver will bring your bags into the kitchen and take any coupons you might have along with last week’s bags for recycling if you like.

There are some specialty items that are not available on the website but you can always run into the supermarket for one of two items.  You can also consider making substitutions with what they do offer.  They also do a great job of picking produce (that was an initial concern of mine).

I started using Peadpod as I was transitioning back to work full-time after my daughter was born.  My time and money was going to be so much more limited with daycare expense and working a 40+ hr week.  Take-out was really not an option because of the expense.  Getting my groceries delivered was part of my “back to work efficiency plan”.  During my 4 month maternity leave we sat down and listed out around 20 healthy meals that were easy to prepare and everyone liked (my 2 older step children were living with us at the time too).  I created “custom lists” in my Peapod account for the ingredient for these dinners and then on the weekends I would select about 4 meals and add them to the list of essentials for the week (save these as a list too or use their frequent purchased items/express shop feature), take a peak at weekly specials, select a delivery window, and then place my online order.  The other nights were leftovers and yes, take-out (usually pizza with bagged salad).

Grocery delivery is helping me get back on track with healthy meals while saving time and money!

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For more on creating a shopping list on a budget and healthy meal planning for your family check out Meal Planning and Grocery Lists from This Mumma’s Life!

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