Optical Confusion

Optical Illusions with free download

Want to really freak out your kids?  Show them these classic optical illusions!

Q. Which line is longer?

A. They are the same!

Q. Which gray circle is bigger?

A. They are the same!

Q. Are the rows even or do they alternately converge?

A. They are in fact even!

Q. How many black dots are there?

A. There are none!

Do you see 2 Mrs. Doodles and Jots or a vase?

Can you see this design spin?

* * * 

Optical illusions are pictures we perceive different than they actual are.  Usually our mind does a pretty good job of interpreting images correctly but sometimes visual elements can play tricks on us.  Of course sometime we use these tricks to our advantage like when we choose to what black over light colors for its slimming affect.

Optical illusions booklet preview

To print out a PFD pocket-mod mini-book of these classic optical illusions click on and print out this link: Optical illusions booklet; then follow folding instructions below.

Pocket-mod Instructions

To learn more about optical illusions from Wikipedia click here.

If you want to freak yourself out, check out these amazing illusions!

And if you would like to see optical illusions elevated to an art for check out the drawings of M. C. Escher…

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