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Printable Traffic Signs for Kids

Do you have a young lad in your home who loves vehicles and transportation of all kinds?  I think it is in their DNA.

On the way to school the other day my 4 year old son was asking about traffic lights and why we have them and stop signs and why they are red and not green (his favorite color).  It occurred to me that his ever growing collection of toy cars at home are riding around like crazy without any traffic signs at all.  A completely dangerous situation!

I have decided to remedy this today with…

Print and Play Traffic Signs!

I think there is a ton of learn-and-play fun to be had with these signs.  Set them up together and have your vehicles follow the signs.  Then rearrange them.  Or how about drawing a map on a large piece of paper and include other props.  You can also use them to teach about shapes, colors, symbols, safety, and why following signs is important.

This is a preview image of the printable traffic signs for kid.  Print the PDF version then follow the instructions in this post!

Preview of traffic sign print-out

What you’ll need…

  • Card-stock
  • Printer
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Water bottle caps
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife


  1. Print out this PDF on card-stock: traffic signs
  2. Cut out the signs
  3. Glue signs to popsicle sticks
  4. Cut slots on the bottle caps (this is the hard part, PLEASE be careful!)
  5. Insert popsicle stick signs into the bottle cap stands
  6. Then it’s playtime!

Can’t get enough signs?!

Grab my new fairytale road signs here, eco-friendly traffic signs here, and my traffic light printable here.

* * * 

*Thanks Mr. Doodles and Jots for today’s post title.  You sure do have a way with words!  You missed your calling; you should be an ad man.

*Also thank you Safety Sign for your neat and clean .png sign images.  If you are in need of any safety signs go check them out!

Read and learn more about traffic signs…

I Read Signs by Tana Hoban

Thirty familiar signs fill the pages of this handsome book, and invite the viewer to COME IN!

Tana Hoban’s photographs have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in galleries around the world. She has won many gold medals and prizes for her work as a photographer and filmmaker. Her books for children are known and loved throughout the world (Amazon description).

City Signs by Zoran Milich

Award-winning photojournalist Zoran Milich captures a world of words in the simplicity of big, bold signs. As young children discover the thirty colorful photographs in City Signs, they will delight in seeing people and places that are a part of their everyday world. With that delight comes the growing recognition of the words that are all around them — and the exhilarating discovery that they can READ (Amazon description)!

Which Way by Marthe Jocelyn and Tom Slaughter

…an invitation to explore and understand the concepts we see every day in the signs around us. Navigating the world involves many decisions. How do we know which way to go? Will we pedal or drive? Do we need a map? Will we detour to see the scenery? This colorful book takes the reader along the right path; introducing road signs, directions, stoplights, and common sights that are part of any journey (Amazon description).

Signs In Our World from DK Publishing

Stop! One Way! Don’t Walk! Signs are often among the first tools children use to practice reading, and this colorful book is full of them. Signs in our World introduces young readers to signs from many different contexts, giving them a valuable opportunity to recognize words, colors, and shapes (Amazon description).

Signs: Ultimate Sticker Book from DK Publishing

In this all-new Ultimate Sticker Book, children will learn about street signs, airport and travel signs, and other common signs as they place colorful stickers on the fun, illustrated backgrounds (Amazon description).

Looking for a gift or something a bit more durable?

I love this wooden set from Melissa and Doug…

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Vehicles & Traffic Signs

* * *

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    • Thanks!!!

      I knew there was a reason I was saving those caps (I’m always so afraid I will become a hoarder)!

  1. Gosh, Ann, this is pure genius! Yes, I agree – these signs would lead to ton of play and learning with toy cars. I know my daughter would love, too!
    Those signs installed on bottle caps turned out SO neat.
    I’m going to borrow this idea from you.
    Will share on pinterest and FB tomorrow.
    Hey, thank you for liking my page on FB the other day. Have you created a page, too?
    Rashmie @ Mommy Labs recently posted..Mud Pie Kitchen On Our Balcony!My Profile

    • Thanks Rashmie – made my day! Thanks for all the sharing too!!! Yes! So excited to have created a “Doodles and Jots” page!!! The link is at the top of my side bar.

  2. These are great! Victor had a few growing up that came with his car sets, and I absolutely loved them. This is a genius use for bottle caps! I too, worry about becoming a hoarder..
    Larissa T. recently posted..Whistler, BC.My Profile

  3. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing. I found you through Learning Laboratory and am a new follower! You should link up to my Thinky Linky Thursday on my blog, Cachey Mama’s Classroom. Hope to see you!

    • Thanks! So glad you’re following!!! Looking forward to exploring your site! I will definitely link up thanks for letting me know about it – I love link-ups!!!

  4. So cute. Reminded me of my 4 year old granddaughter going home from preschool one day. We saw a “playground” sign, and she shouted from the backseat, “That says, Watch out for teeter totters, Mamaw.” Will have to add that one to my stash.

  5. Thanks so much for this!! My son is having a construction theme party tomorrow and I was going to laminate these and put them in the cupcakes. I love the idea of the bottle caps though. After party play!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lindsey Whitney recently posted..Enjoy Movies Your Way!My Profile

  6. I love, love, LOVE these adorable little signs!! I finally got around to making them (all three versions) for my little guy’s birthday! You can see them (and two other street-related projects) here. Thanks again for the fantastic idea and the awesome downloads! :) Lisa

    • Thanks Lisa, I really love how you used toothpicks instead of popsicle sticks, probably a lot easier! Also love your roads, thanks for sharing the link!

    • I’m sure it was easier with toothpicks, but the main reason I used those is because I think I messed up printing some of these and they came out kind of small. In the end, the size was perfect for what I wanted, so it wasn’t a problem, but popsicle sticks would’ve been too big. Plus here in Italy it’s not as easy to find them! :) Lisa
      Cucicucicoo recently posted..“I didn’t throw it away” blog trainMy Profile

  7. Hi, thanks for these signs. I’m making a cake for my 16 year old son who is about to take his permit test and I’m planning on decorating his cake with these. Thanks!

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