Monkey Wrench

Monkey Wrench (felt-tip pen on marker paper)

This morning we were running late and not just a little.  We had a few monkey wrenches thrown into our morning.  That is how I explained it to my son’s preschool teacher on the phone.  On the ride home I was thinking about a monkey wrench and other idioms.  One of my favorite assignments from elementary school was using an idiom in a sentence and then drawing a funny picture of the literal meaning.  Of course they tell you not to use idioms in your writing because they are over used cliches.  I think this is true but I also think it is good for kids to learn about them so they know what they mean plus it is fun and funny!

Printable Idioms Workbook

In honor of that great grade school assignment today I am sharing a printable idiom workbook.  Each page has a classic idiom and a place to draw a picture and add a sentence.  I think it could be a fun after school activity.

Print the following PDF:  Idioms Workbook and make sure to select the double-sided printing option in your printer preferences.  Then fold and staple to create the booklet.

* * * 

Thanks to this forum for a great list of the top 100 idioms for kids! 

By the way, it is raining cats and dogs here today.  Do you have a favorite idiom?



    • Yah, I guess different cultures have different idioms (they probably really seem like nonsense to you)!

  1. This is a super fun idea! And your drawings are so cute!

    My geometry teacher always said “pie in the sky” (meaning “easy”) which made me laugh. :)

    I think the one I use most often is “happy as a clam”. There is just something delightful about the idea of a contented clam.
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