This One’s for the Birds!

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Camera with Lots of Zoom!

I went back and forth and back and forth on upgrading from my Canon PowerShot S410 with 3X optical zoom. The main thing I wanted was lots more zoom for taking bird and other nature photos. The Canon PowerShot S410 also has a 10X digital zoom but at this magnification my pictures looked fuzzy. Should I get another point and shoot but with lots more zoom or should I upgrade to a DSLR with a telephoto lens?

How I decided…  

In the end I decided to go for the convenience and affordability (under $400) of another point and shoot but with super 35X zoom: The Canon PowerShot SX40 HS. It’s convenient because there is no extra lens to carry around and the mega zoom retracts, keeping the camera more compact. I figured it would be more consistent with the spontaneous way I take pictures (switching on the spot between close up and distance shots). I like to always have it with me in my regular handbag too. Full disclosure: my regular handbag is a diaper bag so it it on the large size (and yes, I am still carrying around a diaper bag even though my youngest has been out off diapers for over a year and no, it not a cutesy one).

I still may upgrade to a DSLR, one day, but I envision this camera will still be my everyday, go-to camera.

Out of the box…  

I have had this camera now for 10 weeks and I couldn’t be happier! Honestly I don’t think I have learned the ins and outs fully yet (I am not really a sit down and read the manual type) but I could start taking great pictures from the get go and quickly became familiar and comfortable with operating the camera and the majority of the features. I took this photo of a Cardinal right after charging the battery for the first time: Hello Birdie! It is a motion shot so the bird is blurry but it is still a cool shot I think.

This image is not enhanced nor re-sized (click on to zoom in).

Just this morning, on the way home from dropping my daughter as school, my son and I saw this Wild Turkey. I just pulled over and we watched him gobble and puff out his feathers. I took this photo from inside the car. I just love coming home and uploading photos from this camera!

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It also takes HD video in MOV format.  If you use Windows Movie Maker, which takes just AVI, for editing, no problem, the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS comes with ZoomBrowser which will make the conversion. Here is an example of some video I took: Home Sweet Home.

Great Camera for Beginner Bird Photography

Final thought… If you like the convenience, ease of use, and price of a point and shoot but want lots more zoom for taking bird photos, I encourage you to consider the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS. Learn more about this camera and see technical specs here.


    • The ones around here are usually scrawnier too but this was was puffing out his feathers. It’s called strutting and they do it to as a sign of social dominance to attract a female.

  1. Perfect place to tell you, I’m getting a camera tomorrow! Finally! It’s heavily used by a friend and has a cracked viewfinder, but I am SO excited to finally stop using my iPhone for photography (after using it for 51 weeks for a primarily visual blog….it’s been good to me but time to move on)!

    I borrowed it for a day last week and was surprised how difficult it was for me to get a great shot, still. No matter the quality of the camera, there is always a long learning curve to really truly understand how to make it work in all the different scenarios you can use it in.

    Your shots are always beautiful, and amazing! The birds are really incredible!
    Tiffanie recently posted..gutter garden updateMy Profile

    • Thanks Tiffanie! Yay for you getting a new camera! There is definitely a learning curve. I love your iPhone images – they have such a wonderful quality.

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