Why big blogs are good for us little blogs

Here is my opinion and a confession. I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feeling with this… Before I started my blog, I avoided blogs! If Google sent me to a blog when I was let’s say, looking up a recipe, I would immediately hit the back button and select a “more established” more reputable site.  Honestly, I wouldn’t even give it a chance.  And this is coming from a person who has a very close sister who has been a successful blogger for years! It is not that I didn’t respect what she was doing.  I was, in fact, impressed with what she had accomplished and built. I even occasionally visited her site but probably not as often as I should have. Back then, I suppose many of the blogs I happened upon where just not for me plus I didn’t “get it”.  Like the commenting thing. What? In order to comment I have to register with who? From those early experiences I concluded that blogs and bloggers had their own separate society and culture that was different than mine that I was more than fine not being a part of.

Enter The Pioneer Woman…

I was reading a lot after my son was born. I stopped working fulltime and there were long stretches without contract work. My home was running smoothly and my kids were napping. Ahhh, I love reading. So enjoyable. I picked up a copy of Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: a Love Story. It looked like an old fashioned story of love and life. I couldn’t resist. I did enjoy it which prompted me to check out her blog. I learned that she home schools her kids and her site provides resources for that along with many amazing recipes, beautiful images, and tons more creative, useful, and entertaining stuff.  Then I discovered Design Mom and I though wow this is great too. Her site is full of culture and design inspiration. I wanted to be like these women! They completely changed how I thought about blogs. They also have many followers who are not bloggers which means they are changing the culture “out there” to be more open to blogs as a viable source of entertainment and information. I can only trust that this will continue to happen as more big bloggers are created and will ultimately benefit all bloggers.

What do you think?  Please chime in!


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  1. Great post- I was skeptical about blogs before being sucked in by Pioneer Woman as well. (Why is her name so strangely fitting in so many ways?) I heard something recently about different waves of bloggers coming and going, so the little bloggers of today would be the big bloggers of tomorrow. Thought it was an interesting way of saying that readers are fickle :)
    Artchoo recently posted..Little Black Sambo Holds a Special Place in My HeartMy Profile

  2. This is cool. Blogs are a little bit of a mini society, but hopefully they are able to serve even those who don’t “get it” yet.

    I think Artchoo has is right too. It’s funny how the little blogs can grow up to become the big blogs, but the key is you really have to stick with it and find ways to grow and keep things professional but at the same time, cool.

    I’m a blogging fool. I just love it! I just wish there was more time in the day. All those pesky things that get in my way like laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, etc etc have got to go!

    My biggest problem is too many ideas. I live in a constant state of “I’ll get caught up next week.” Never happens though. :-) Each week is measured by the degree to which I am overloaded. LOL!
    Kris recently posted..Smile PowerMy Profile

    • Thanks Kris, you are way too hard on your self/ambitious. Didn’t you start like 3 blogs in the last 2 weeks?!

  3. It was easier to read “big blogs” when I first discovered blogs just because it was hard to know who to read, but I have to say that I enjoy reading and meeting people through social media and blogs. It’s like making a new friend versus watching a celebrity from afar. It just takes time to discover the right small blogs for you … like a making a new friend.

    I like to read Garance Dore, The Sartorialist, Fashion Toast, and Sea of Shoes for big blogs (all fashion). For everything else, I am reading small blogs that i’ve discovered because they left a comment on my blog. Karma, right?
    PragmaticMom recently posted..Math Fun for Kids: The Mathematics of SpiralsMy Profile

    • TOTALLY agree! I still sometimes visit those big blogs but mostly I have some smaller ones I regularly visit and love discovering new ones!

      Thanks for your recommendations!

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