My Son, the Doctor!

“Mom, what is this?” My 4 year old son asked while squeezing behind his knee.

“That is a tendon”, I said, “It connects the muscle to the bone”. He then proceeded to ask about his forearm bones and because he was game I pointed out his ear cartilage, and leg muscles. He walked away doing his silly strong man act. But I got the message loud and clear. Not a future engineer as formally predicted. With this kind of anatomical curiosity he is most certainly a future doctor! If you know me you know I jump on my children’s scholarly curiosities with drive, usually in the form of a library request list but for this very special occasion nothing less than a purchase would do!

The book? Uncover the Human Body: An Uncover It Book by Luann Colombo and Jennifer Fairman.

We have paged thought this book a bunch of times at the bookstore. It is very unique. Each page has a human shaped die-cut center to accommodate the molded anatomical model visible from every page. All the systems and organs of the body are separate, perfectly detailed molded plastic pieces. As you turn a page some parts travel with the page revealing more anatomy.

It never ended up making the cut but I honestly don’t know why. It is the coolest anatomy book ever and I know this because today I did the research! The fact that it is illustrating a very complex three-dimensional subject with annotated layers of three-dimensional pieces makes perfect sense.

Best Anatomy Books for Kids

This book is in fact part of a successful series of anatomy books which includes such animals as a shark, tiger, and a frog. In my opinion this is how all frogs should be dissected going forward!

If this works out, wink, wink, it will be the best 12 dollars and 89 cents investment I have ever made. Wish me luck molding my future doctor and definitely check out these books!



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  1. I love that first anatomy book. My daughter loved looking through it when she was younger, which is strange considering how queasy she gets now. My stepdaughter is a high school freshman and just finished dissecting a rat last week. She totally got into it- and I remember being horribly freaked out when we had to dissect frogs.
    Artchoo recently posted..2 Great Creative Sites for Young ‘unsMy Profile

    • Kids can go through phases so quickly. I am really interesting in anatomy but dissecting animals is so gross!

  2. No future docs here – at least not yet but a friend gave us a great toy – a plastic model of the torso of the human body with removable organs! Tons of fun! I still have it somewhere – I’ll dig it up if you want it – sorry just realized I offered to dig up a body for you!

    • Ha, ha, ha!!! That is a very generous offer – if you happen upon it it I’d love to have it!

  3. The frog book reminds me of an old science book my parents used to have which had two sections featuring acetate pages with various parts of anatomy that you could remove layer by layer…One section was a frog, the other was a human. I would sit and flip those clear plastic pages back and forth for long stretches of time.
    I love that you seize upon opportunities to take your kids current interest further. I already do the same for my 2 year old little guy with library books. Currently it is all robots.
    Krista recently posted..Sketching to MusicMy Profile

    • You know, I feel like I have seen an old book like that be we didn’t have it. Maybe my grandfather had one like that. This book must be definitely inspired by that old one! That is cool that you loved flipping through it. We have a lot of similarities!

    • Believe it or no we are an i-less family! It is getting harder and harder to be – many things only are available for iphone/ipad! Sounds cool!

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