Barbie Bouquet

Are your Barbies feeling neglected?  Are they stuck inside while you are having lots of springtime fun outdoors?  Have about surprising them with a beautiful bouquet!  If you want, you can even let them think it’s from Ken.  That will really get them excited!

To make this one, we simply walked around our yard picking wild flowers.  It does help to have a lawn full of weeds!  Then we wrapped thread around the stems and put them in a tissue paper cone (which started as a folded circle).  You will really make their day!  Perhaps they will even be inspired to clean up their act a little.  I know our Barbies were starting to neglect their appearance.  Now they are back to neat hair, neat home and party dresses everyday!  And all it took was a few flowers!

* * *

We got the idea for flowers in a paper cone from Capability : Mom.  A great mom blogger who I have recently discovered.  I love her posts on books, food, and life!

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  1. My poor Barbies are quite neglected. In a plastic container in a box in a closet somewhere.. *sigh* Poor things.

    Who wouldn’t brighten up after receiving an adorable bouquet like this one?!
    Larissa T. recently posted..May TidBits.My Profile

  2. I never played with Barbies and somehow my kids skipped this stage too. Somehow they only played with Barbies with one friend who actually was able to change the clothes; somehow it’s really difficult to get the clothes on and off with such disproportionate body proportions.

    But if we still possessed Barbies, we’d certainly make them a bouquet. They deserve it after recovering from so much plastic surgery.
    PragmaticMom recently posted..Top 10: Best Picture and Chapter Books That Deal with BulliesMy Profile

    • Funny! My daughter’s Barbie stage was pretty short lived. My sister and I played with them constantly though. You are right about there clothes. I tried to just get the ones with the hard/smooth legs so they would be easier to put clothes on. Barbie definitely has a lot of hang ups.

  3. Mostly our Barbies were in a pile in the pink Barbie convertible and most likely undressed. We were the neglectful ones…and the clothes ARE a pain to get on. Thank you for the lovely compliment and glad to share the flower cone idea – I love it in minature!
    capability recently posted..Will Travel for FoodMy Profile

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