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Decisions (marker on notebook paper)

I know what you are saying.  Why would a family that lives on Cape Cod need a summer home?  Well, we love the beach just as much as anybody, but sometimes the summer crowds can be a bit much and it would be great to have a place to get away.  A quiet retreat.

We have been looking for a while and have narrowed to two possibilities and I was hoping the Doodles and Jots readers could help us make our final decision…

Property number one…

A quiet woodland retreat which has its own waterwheel power supply.  This timber framed, thatched roof cottage is partially nestled into a massive ancient tree (which has to be its most unique features).  This property is surrounded by beautiful natural vistas, friendly woodland animals, and edible berries for pie making.  The only drawback I can see is that the roof is in need of some serious repair.

Here is an interior shot.  Perfectly rustic, don’t you think?  I love that split door and stair steps carved into the trunk.  Isn’t it true that you fall in love with the little things?

Property number two…

This private residence is located in a picturesque valley beside a breathtaking waterfall.  It is a stone and timber, tower style structure decorated with beautiful flowering ivy.  Loads of hiking adventures await in the mountainous surrounds!

And here is an interior elevation of property number two.  By the way, that is our very enthusiastic realtor in the picture.  Love the uniqueness of this property and we would certainly get out exercise going up and down the stairs!  Not sure if you can tell from this picture but there are beautiful hand-painted murals throughout!

It is so hard to decide!  Which would you choose?

* * *

Interestingly, both of these properties were featured in movies!


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  1. Hey! That is interesting. (;

    This is so difficult… but I’d say property number one. The stairs in property number two would be just way too much for… Yeah .. I’m lazy. If I lived in property number two, there would either be a need for an elevator, or I would rent out the other floors and live on the bottom portion! :)
    Larissa T. recently posted..Tag. I’m It.My Profile

    • Love Tangled too. Sorry to say I could never achieve hair anything close to that. Actually even if I could it would drive me crazy!!!

  2. I am partial to the second one because my three year old daughter loves Rapunzel and we actually own that house. We play with it quite often. The first one would be great for a retreat, but the second one is just so exciting.
    Alma recently posted..Liebster Blog AwardMy Profile

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