Welcome Baby Birds!

A little while back I told you about our House Finch nest and that we have egg-citing news!  Honestly, I haven’t looked lately because I pass under it everyday and it has been so quiet up there.  But just today I notices an extreme amount of poop around the perimeter of the nest, so I went and grabbed the step ladder and this is what I saw!  Lots of wispy feathers and 3 yellow beaks!  That makes three baby birds.  They must have hatched a while ago because they are so much bigger than their eggs.  They just about fit in that nest.  Congratulations Mama and Papa House Finch!  I am sure they have their own names but since we don’t speak Finch I have given them English names.  Introducing, counterclockwise from the top: Inch, Pinch, and Surprise (since we didn’t know about this one).



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    • Ugly adorable! So true! I guess newborn humans can be that way too! Although I though mine were beautiful!

  1. We have had some excitement here watching a robin’s nest outside our family room window…recently they left the nest and are hopping about the backyard (robin babies leave the nest before they can fly and the mother continues to care for them on the ground). I know this because we were concerned when we saw a baby out by itself and unable to fly – we did a quick google to learn what we should do. We actually got to see the baby fly for the first time – so cool!

    • So awesome! They are just like human newborns – sleeping, eating, and pooping all the time!

    • And it is getting worse – like an avalanche! Yuck!

      I would love to get one of them stretching their necks.

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