Cape Cod Cub

Welcome visitors from Design Mom and elsewhere! Lately the big news on Cape Cod has been all the sightings of a small black bear who has taken up residence on Cape Cod.  Read on for an exclusive interview with the bear’s parents…

Doodles and Jots: We are here today in Western Massachusetts with the parents of the Cape Cod Black Bear Cub.  Please Mr. and Mrs. Black Bear, tell us about your now famous cub!

Mr. and Mrs. Black Bear: Okay, well right from the start he was different from the other bears, not afraid to stand out, a real individual.  I remember one time in school the cubs were asked to draw a picture of their favorite snack.  Most of the cubs drew pictures of happy bears eating honey or berries or fish.  Our young star drew a picture of himself sampling fried clams!

While all the other bears were developing an interest in their wooded sounding, climbing trees, wading in streams our young bear was daydreaming about the seashore.

Doodles and Jots: He spent last summer on the South Shore, is that right?

Mr. and Mrs. Black Bear: Yes, that’s right.  He had quite an adventure for himself and he filled our den with warm sunny stories of his summertime adventures all winter long!

Doodles and Jots: Your son is making quite a name for himself this year on the Cape.  He is really seeing the sites!  People have spotted him in Sandwich, Barnstable and now Orleans.  Have you been in touch?

Mr. and Mrs. Black Bear: Yes, he sends us handmade postcards nearly everyday!  Here is one of him swimming the canal and one of him at an open house.  He is definitely taken with Cape Cod and looking to put down summer roots.  You know, we used to have relatives on the Cape.

Doodles and Jots: You know there is talk of “relocating” him.

Mr. and Mrs. Black Bear: We heard something about that.  People are afraid and I guess that is understandable.  There have been stories of other bears!  But our bear is not looking for trouble.  He is just having an adventure by the sea and we are anticipating he will return safely on his own.

Doodles and Jots: We hope so too!  Thank you.

* * * 

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