I Need a Change

…said Avatar Ann.

I was getting sick of looking at my avatar!  I thought it would be fun to try different looks and so much less risky than trying something different in real life.  But now I am feeling a little self conscious anyway even though it is just an avatar.  But it might as well really BE me since it is all YOU know of me!  It was also a lot harder to create hair styles that didn’t look like cartoon wigs!

I went for good enough since my feed goes out in about an hour and this silly exercise is not worth killing myself over.  Beside, it will be appearing so small that the details get lost anyway.  My hysband just saw them and he asked if I was thinking of changing my hair in real life.  I asked if the short blond one was ridiculous and he said no and then he said I looked like Chynna Phillips and then he said all three together look like the whole Wilson Phillips group.  Funny!

I am planning to pick one to live with at least for a while and who knows about real life.  Please vote for you favorite!


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    • I was definitely going for something like yours in the first (not in a Single White Female kind of way – okay maybe a little). I had trouble getting it to not look like a cartoon wig though.

    • I like that reason! I’ve never had hair like that in real life. I usually get it cut more like the second one but I may try something like 3 : )

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