Finch Follow-up

I spent some time yesterday catching up with the House Finch family.  Admittedly I haven’t been following my baby finch’s progress as closely as I wanted to.  And let me tell you, if human babies grow fast, baby birds grow at lightning speed!  Plus I discovered something kind of big…

There is most certainly a forth head in there!

Well, that was a surprise and since we already have a Surprise, this one will be called Forth, although I am realizing I can’t tell them apart so it don’t much matter what their names are.  I can’t believe how big they are and I thought it was crowded in there before!

They are now fully covered in feathers with only a few wispy baby ones left poking through on their heads.

Oh, and I saw them fly yesterday too!  I was actually a little startled because I practically had my camera in the nest trying to get a good picture when one just got up and left!  Then one by one the rest flew away.  They didn’t used to mind when I took their picture, hm!

It was so cool watching them fly!  They seem to really have the hang of toddler flight!  When did this happen?  They flew without falls or crashes although not quite pros like their parents, a bit slower and more flappy.

Once the nest was empty I took a peak inside.  There happened to be just one fresh poopy in the middle of the nest so I can only assume Mama bird keeps the nest tidy by nudging these one by one out of the nest.  At least on the inside she keeps a clean home!  Am I the only one who wonders about these things?

This one came back early and let me snap pictures while he or she hung out for a while.  A couple times making very soft simple delicate tweets.  The adult House Finches have quiet a pretty song unless they are distressed for example, over somebody who may be  too close to their nest!  I hope the others made it back safely.  I know one ended up on a tree across the street.  Can you imagine the worry?  Just week old and crossing the street!

Have you been noticing evidence of bird family life?



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  1. Such a great picture of the one in flight. I also love the one with hair standing up , so punk. What’s his name?
    We have looks of finches here singing their songs. My kids love it. One we move to a bigger home soon we hope to make a bird house ourselves and see who comes to visit. Maybe we can snap some pics up close too.
    Alma recently posted..Market colorMy Profile

    • Thanks! No zoom, I have to just get close for the in the nest shots. I also used a fish-eye effect and then used a mask in Gimp to make the blur which I had to do to disguise the massive amount of disgusting bird poop. around it.

  2. I love how you talk about them, with such a fun combination of sweet care and facetiousness! Great picture of the toddler finch, too. The others will say “oh, so how come she took so many pictures of YOU, huh?” And he’ll just be smug like, “well, when you look as good as I do…”
    Elisa | blissfulE recently posted..David does some gardeningMy Profile

    • Thanks! Ha, ha, ha!

      I haven’t seen any of them back. I think they have moved out. I am so amazed!

  3. Ann, these photos are so great! I absolutely love them! The last one is my favorite, he looks a tad frazzled. Hmm… I’ll have to get out my camera and see what photos I can come up with around here!
    Molly Jo recently posted..My Sand Pail ListMy Profile

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