It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! Beach Edition

Jots about the bird…

  • Barn Swallows seem to really like the beach.
  • Watch one take a mid-migratory sip here.
  • They used to build their mud nests in caves, now mostly on man-made structures.
  • A male may kill another’s babies in an attempt to break-up a mated pair.
  • When it flies, I think it looks like a mini fighter jet.

Jots about the “planes”…

  • Kitesurfing or kiteboarding ia a popular sport on Cape Cod beaches.
  • It took patience to get a photo will all four kites together.
  • It looks fun from a distance and extremely dangerous up close.
  • Watch a 4 minute Billabong video with awesome kitesurfing stunts here.
  • Record holders have reached speeds over 50 knots and separately, distances nearly 200 miles.


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    • My brother windsurfs too and with how fast he goes that is crazy enough! Sometimes when it is really windy we can see the kitesurfers get swept up on the sky – yikes!

    • That is how I felt when I watched the video! Although I guess I was just at the beach yesterday – lucky me : )

      Very curious about your commentluv post title, hmmm…

    • There are some strange tid-bits like that in the bird world. Male turkeys will kill their own babies!

      That sounds like good exercise (and sounds like you just got your balance back)! And if you fall it’s into water : )

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